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Tabletop Takeovers facilitates board game and D&D events around Orange County in breweries and restaurants with a focus on bringing new gamers together to hang out, learn new games, make new friends, and have fun!

Our board game events feature an ever expanding game library of over 100 titles, and most of them were chosen because they are good for beginners or casual gamers. We also provide game masters to help explain the rules and strategy if you are new to the hobby. While most of our events cater to beginners, more experienced players are still welcome to attend and are always encouraged to bring their favorite games to play or share. We often take suggestions from our experienced players when purchasing new games for our library. We also work directly with game creators and publishing companies to put on special release parties so you can meet the people that make the games we play. Occasionally we get sneak peaks at games too!

Our D&D events are coordinated by our Head Game Master Jeremy who also runs D20 Adventure Realm, a professional Dungeon Master service company. Because we all share the same values, most of our D&D events are beginner friendly as well, with all the materials provided for anyone to play regardless of experience. As an added bonus, he has just recently launched a public Drive folder for session recaps, character sharing, and La Bavardage, a gossip column that takes place in the home brewed fantasy world of Ilythia. You can read up on what is going on in Ilythia with this link: https://drive.google.com/drive/u/0/folders/1go_djtcp97vGD0zkBzCaBTcd2KHaPjJJ

Thank you for joining our group and we hope to see you around the table soon!

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Thursday Night D&D

Online event


Join us on Zoom to play D&D! This beginner-friendly weekly adventure will function like our "D&D with Craft Beer" sessions where the story will continue regardless of the players involved and spots will be given first come first served. This is so there is no pressure on players if they need to miss a session. Spectators are welcome to attend, though please be muted and keep your conversations in the chat. Characters can be created using your books, or DnDBeyond.com for those of you without them. All options are allowed. Please have characters ready for the session or send a message for help creating one. You will also need a set of rpg dice or a dice rolling app. There are 6 open seats for this session, $15*/player, your seat will be reserved with payment. There are no refunds unless the event is canceled, please only sign up if you will be able to attend. Payment account is Venmo @adventurerealm. Zoom link will be posted in event discussion an hour before the session starts and will be active 15 minutes before the event starts. *This is the suggested fee for this session. If you are going through financial hardship because of the pandemic, please message us privately so we can hold your seat. We recognize the value of social interaction and creativity in times like these and refuse to let money become a barrier for those seeking an outlet.

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Grim Dark RPG - Session XVII

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