• Nerd Night!

    1931 E Wright Cir

    The return of Nerd Night! Board Games, Nintendo Switch, D&D, Food, and Drinks all under the same roof! Can you dig it? We will be supplying our game library as usual, and feel free to bring your own if there is a favorite you want to share. For you video gamers, May's Video Game Tournament is still TBD, but feel free to offer suggestions. Roleplayers, you better make sure to sign up early for the D&D tables, there are limited seats available. Brewheim will have taps flowing, so grab some friends, something to eat and drink, and play some games!

  • Tabletop Tuesday - Board Game Night

    Location visible to members

    Grab your friends, grab some food, and play some games! We have over 100 titles to choose from or bring your own. Game Masters will be available to help teach beginners. Event Schedule 6-9:00pm – Boardgaming: Play ours or bring your own. We will be featuring games this event, with Game Master Frankie, John, and Jeremy. Gamemasters Tim and Matt will also be available with open gaming from our library collection. 9pm - Tabletop Tuesday Live stream with special guests

  • D&D Mixer

    Anaheim Brewery

    The goddesses of Ilythia have blessed us with a 5th Thursday in May, so let us use it to celebrate the end of one adventure and prepare for the next. We have had so many travelers pass through Ilythia, and this is the first opportunity for everyone to attend the same event! This event is free to attend and is meant for anyone that has attended or wants to attend a D20 Adventure Realm D&D with Craft Beer session in the future. Come together, grab some drinks, learn of heroic deeds, and make characters for the new adventure starting in June. It doesn't matter if you have been playing for months or have never been to a session, this is a celebration of the hobby and the community that makes it so fun. All current characters will be retired during this event, we shall say a final farewell to our fallen heroes, and begin the character creation process anew! Blank character sheets, pencils, and dice will be provided if you don't have them, and we have a few extra Players Handbooks to share as well, but feel free to bring your own materials if you have them. *We will not be playing during this event, but your character and backstory could help determine what the world looks like during the adventure.

  • TableTop Day 2019 w/ IDW Games

    1931 E Wright Cir


    International Table Top Day 2019 The beer will be flowing and the dice will be rolling, so come thirsty and ready to play! Please join us for board games, beer, and hundreds of dollars in raffle prizes!! Our main table will be demos of current and upcoming IDW Games Titles like Batman The Animated Series, The Towers of Arkhanos, TMNT and more. Feel free to borrow games from our library or bring your own games to share with friends. As always, beginners are welcome and encouraged to attend, our friendly game masters will be on hand to help teach you. All proceeds will be donated to ExtraLife OC/CHOC Hospital, so come play and give back. Tickets will be available to purchase now for $7.00 which includes 2 raffle tickets, online tickets will only be available till Thursday 05/30/2019 at Midnight PST. Tickets at the door will cost $10 and will include only 1 raffle ticket. Additional raffle tickets will be available for purchase at the event.

  • Dungeon Sunday IV

    Stefano's Golden Baked Hams


    Due to popular demand, the continuation of the Dungeon Sunday Series is upon us! Join us for Dungeon Sunday IV, a multi-table Dungeons & Dragons event for all skill levels. Our Dungeon Masters are busy preparing another adventure for all of you, with the intention of turning it into a full scale campaign instead of a one-shot. Not only will you get the experience of the game, your character will be able to participate in multiple events, level up, and (the fickle dice willing) achieve greatness! As always, we will be featuring Dungeon Masters from D20 Adventure Realm (Jeremy), Got_DM (Ray), and Johnny DnD from Roaming Dragon Games will be returning as well. Please include your DM preference with your payment so we can get you at the right table. Seating is first come first served and we generally cap each table at 7 people, so reserve your spot fast. Tickets are $20 until May 19th and then go up to $25. Our Venmo is @adventurerealm. If the tables fill up before June 2nd, we will arrange for more DMs to accommodate additional players and walk ins. If you have a group of 4 or more, please message us so you we can do our best to get you all at the same table.