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The Tacoma Cashflow Community will Support New Investors who want to get started AND seasoned Investors to take their Business to the Next Level.

Whether you are working on your 1st million or your 2nd you DESERVE to have this information.

We play Cashflow to learn how to play the game in real life. By learning and teaching Investing and Business Principles that are time tested and proven, we are gaining in more ways than just cash.

Fans of Rich Dad, Poor Dad understand the cash flow quadrant and I have positioned this group with some of the top Mentors in business, entrepreneurism, investing and opportunity.

Please note: CASHFLOW is a registered trademark of CASHFLOW Technologies, Inc. *The Tacoma CASHFLOW Community is NOT affiliated with CASHFLOW Technologies, Inc. nor The RichDad Company.

Learn Cash Flow 101 Game. Simulate being a "Real Estate Investor and Business Owner. Practice real life investing with play money and use this game as a tool to learn how to make your money work for you, not the other way around.

I would like to invite all levels of players from 1st timers to 202 gurus! The game Cashflow is like Monopoly on steroids. Get educated, increase your earning potential and open your mind to becoming successful in business, real estate investing, and become entrepreneurially savvy. This group is for those who want to learn and grow in their investing (real estate) and financial prowess, have fun and make new friends. Join us for a great time!

We have players from outside "meetup.com" that join us. This group is for those who want to learn and grow in their investing (real estate) and financial prowess, have fun and make new friends networking with like-minding individuals.

Questions? Call Scott @ 360-710-6118

"We don't just teach real estate investing, we create real estate investors!"

"If you're just beginning... to knock down the barriers holding you back from starting and taking your first step...whether it be from lack of knowledge, lack of time, lack of money/credit, or just fear.

If you're already experienced... to increase your net worth by leveraging systems and tools in place to expand your network and take you to your next level of investing."

"YOU... that is if you're serious about your financial future in becoming a successful, real estate investor and business owner."

"You will experience all the benefits of locking arms with a community of like-minded investors united by the common interest of building wealth through real estate, they are from all ages and experience levels who own both residential and commercial properties, locally and in other markets."

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