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All ages welcome! Sports should be about having fun, making friends, and getting a bit of exercise. This meetup will do all of those things, and be a unique meetup in that it will be co-ed and focus on a large variety of sports. Eventually when we get big enough I'd like to run various casual leagues for whatever sports we chose either being free, or very cheap. This can also serve as a great place to find people to create teams for other adult leagues as well as find some workout buddies. I'm thinking about pairing most of our events with social activities as well, like play baseball and grab food and drinks afterwards! I'm asking for help and suggestions to help get this up and running smoothly. If you know about nice cheap or free places to play things like basketball, tennis, volleyball, soccer, baseball, and other sport you're interested in, tell me :)

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Tennis at Pt Defiance

Point Defiance Park


KC Crusaders

Bowling! Tower Lanes

Tower Lanes


KC Crusaders

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