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At Tacoma Shambhala we understand the world can be fast paced, stressful and often hectic and that people are looking to explore meditation as both a path to peace and to connect with themselves and others.

For the past several years the Tacoma Shambhala group been meeting at the Good Karma Center for Joy in Downtown Tacoma providing a space for meditation, conversation and community where people feel welcome, heard and valued.

So take some time away from the frenzied, fast paced and often judgmental world and join us at Good Karma Center and learn to slow down and connect to your inherent peace and worthiness.

RSVP to our next meetup now! Meditation instruction will be offered for first time visitors, then enjoy the experience of meditation and heartfelt conversation to follow.

The Tacoma Shambhala Meditation Community offers meditation sessions at the Good Karma Center for Joy on Tuesday evenings starting at 6:45.

We practice a warm and open approach to meditation and welcome anyone interested in the practice. The energy of group meditation is a great way to engage the practice and ignite your personal practice. We explore our mindfulness practice through group meditation, study, and discussion.

We enjoy tea and conversation together as well. We are a group of about 15 regular participants with new folks coming all the time. Come out and learn about meditation, it's a great way to spend an evening.

It is the Shambhala view that every human being has a fundamental nature of goodness, however, this natural goodness can be obscured by conditioning, habitual tendencies, doubt, fear, and aggression. It is our view that this natural goodness can be cultivated through meditation and developed in daily life extending out to our families, friends, communities, and to the greater society.

The Tacoma Shambhala Meditation Community is a branch of the Seattle Shambhala Meditation Center. Together we offer a wide range of meditative and inspiring programs and classes. For more information on Shambhala visit the pages of this meetup group and for information on the various programs and classes offered by Shambhala see the main Seattle Shambhala site and our facebook page.



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