Alemarc O.Alemarc O.

Alemarc O.



Seattle, WA

Joined group

Jul 30, 2018

What interests you about joining?

Learning more about how to use techonology for economics.

What help are you potentially looking for? what's your skill levels/tool/application profile?

I have basic command promp and object orientaded knowledge. Basics for most languages like C++, R, Python, Node.js.

What would you potentially like to contribute?

Start a free organization that helps beginners start websites for social sciences and business related fields.

What are 2 best day-time combinations you think work for the most others... and also work for you?

Start off with a project that collects data and do a open source analysis that teahes how to implement statistics and machine learning so people can make better decisions.

Might you volunteer a little for the good of the group...potential roles: member sourcing, venue sourcing, speaker sourcing, sponsor sourcing, food/bev sourcing?

I’m a student that is willing and able to contribute as far as my values are not corrupted or I am working unethically.