What we're about

Welcome all those interested in learning tai chi for health! I will be teaching classes (for a fee) at lunch-hour on Thursdays: a class for everyone, followed by a class for seniors who may not have exercised much lately. We will practice a series of movements slowly and thoughtfully.
Tai chi is good for everyone, having such benefits as increased bone density, better balance, improved cardio-vascular function, more stable moods and deeper sleep.
I have taught individuals with Parkinson's one-on-one but want to share this amazing modality with others. I am an Associate Instructor with the Internat'l Yang Family Tia Chi Chuan Assn. and love teaching and "playing" tai chi.
Future classes include tai chi/qigong for golfers.

Not sure what tai chi is? If it's right for you? Come to one of my free lecture/demos on the history of tai chi and what it looks like.