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Tai Chi (Regents Park/Euston Area)

Tai Chi is a martial art derived after observing nature, then used by Daoists for centuries in China to promote good health and to restore the body. This Group is for those with a serious interest in learning Tai Chi Chuan.

Tai Chi Chuan was taught to the Chinese Imperial Court by Yang Lu Chan and has been passed down by direct transmission for hundereds of years. It necessary to be part of this lineage to understand the true art and inner principles.

I teach the Original Yang Tai Chi Chuan following the inner teachings (neigong) of the late Master Graham Horwood one of the few original Tai Chi teachers who began to teach in 1970's. Master Horwood was a student of Master Chu King Hung in the lineage of Master Yang Sau Chung and Han Xing Yuen.

Whats is Neigong? As a beginner you first learn the outer movements and refine these by correction over time, then you work on the inner alignments to enhance your energy levels. Next comes the perception of how energy moves around the body. This inner work is called "Neigong". So as you practice these all come together such that there is harmony between your outer movements and the inner movements and intention and therefore the energy of the body.

My Teacher Master Graham Horwood was the first to use the archetypes of C.G Jung to understand the elements of Yang Tai Chi Chuan and how it worked. He could demonstrate Tai Chi at the highest levels.

I also teach the deep relaxation exercises of Master Fu, who still teaches his Tai Chi students in Kowloon park, (Hong Kong). Master Fu was was taught by Master Wang Zhuang Hong a famous Master in the lineage from Yang Chen Fu who decided to release Tai Chi Chuan to the wider world. It is surprising that deeper and deeper levels of relaxation are possible - something unknown and lost in the hustle and bustle of the world today. Deeper relaxation allows the energy of the body to be restored further enhancing health.

We practice the energetic/health aspects of the Zhan Zhuang (qigong) to obtain energy, stillness and relaxation and the Yang Tai Chi form to use this energy to obtain oneness in movement. Once both are mastered this becomes a formidable martial and healing system. Whether beginner or advanced something is gained each time we practice. Then push hands which is a listerning skill allowing one to listern to another persons energy and intention. Once the hand Tai Chi Chuan form is mastered, with the correct teaching, it becomes a unified system of self defense. Then further study allows you to refine the different energies of Tai Chi in action.

What are the benefits of Tai Chi Quan? Health then Self Defense. Integration of the mind and body to obtain a unity of action. This integration is one of the key achievements of Tai Chi, that impacts all that you do. The Yang Tai Chi Chuan movements then can become an integrated system of continuous self defense. But the real gain is keeping healthy and learning to act in harmony with nature and ourselves.

My Teaching presents Yang Tai Chi Chuan as an integrated system, using cordinated and coherent energy, essentially the secret traditions preserved within Yang Tai Chi Chuan and ancient Daoism.

We Practice Tai Chi in the Park Sundays during the Spring/Summer/Autumn and Teach at The Place.

Tai Chi has many potential health benefits including:

Calmness of mind and Stress relief
Improved balance
Blood pressure reduction
Pain reduction
Cardiovascular benefits
Improved sleep quality
Immune function benefits
Balancing the energy of major organs of the body

Following the lead of Graham, we seek in every class foremost to make conscious the understanding of the founders of Yang Tai Chi Chuan.

Professional Instruction. Over 25 years experience. Teacher/Instructor certified by Master G.Horwood in 2002.

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