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Our "Explorer Dogs" are an elite group of mud-loving dogs and people who don't mind trudging through brush, getting muddy, and often wandering aimlessly in the woods only to admit that we're lost. We sometimes have to turn back and hope to find our way home before dark.

We find some cool places to go with the rest of the dog pack this way. It's what the Explorer Dogs do. There is a secret lake on this one. I know we'll find that, but not sure what else we will find as we continue on. I know where I want to end up, just not sure if we can get there....or how long it will take.

NO BEGINNERS OR FIRST TIMERS. You must have done at least one 5 mile off trail hike before, or your rsvp will be refused. We all want to know who we're hiking with on the Explorer Dog excursions. There is no trail here, we will be trying to find a spot that I've seen on aerial photos. Exact location will be sent to attendees. This will be about 5 miles, much of it off trail through the brush. Expect dirty dogs and muddy boots, and some burrs.

Bring a sense of humor and don't be in a hurry...we might get lost. Might be creek crossings, but I don't think so...it will be mostly high ground. Might have to turn back, might just forge on. (I have All Trails Pro! hahaha). If you're a power hiker, stay home...we don't do that.

Allow 3+ hours.
Wear clothes that repel burrs.
Hiking boots required for safety.
If you use hiking poles, bring them.
Bring water for dogs.
If you don't know what else you need, you aren't ready for this one.

Dogs can be offleash at times, if they come when called. If they run wild in the woods, you will be asked to keep them leashed.