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If you ever think it's just too hot to run...visit the South in the summer time.

Good grief! The air is so thick out here you would swim through it.

BUT I'm stilling doing my running, which means you should too. Even when it's a bit warm out.

Last week I ran in the heat, in the humidity, ALONE, and I had Alpaca spit on my shirt- that means NO EXCUSES!

Besides, this weeks workout is my favorite and will be AMAZING!

The Pyramid Workout!

I love it. There is just something wonderful about being able to shorten the distance as you get tired. It's a great workout and very effective in teaching your body to give just a bit more in your runs and races.

The workout is:

200 meters (200 recovery)
400 meters (400 recovery)
600 meters (400 recovery)
800 meters (400 recovery)
800 meters (400 recovery)
600 meters (400 recovery)
400 meters (400 recovery)
200 meters (200 recovery)

In this workout you'll start off at your fastest pace in the 200 meters, then with each increase you'll slow your pace by about 10 seconds (elapsed time). Then as you shorten the distance you'll INCREASE your pace just slightly with each decrease of distance.

It's amazing. This workout makes you (me) feel so fast and like such a strong runner.

And for some unknown reason, it's easy mentally as well. I think it's because I can't do math while I run and all my brain can focus on is that I'm running less distance so it has to be easier:)

Whatever it is, I'll take it!

As always we start with our warm up and our drills.


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