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Corda 是個由 R3 與其全球成員銀行合作建立的平台,目的在利用分散式帳本技術(也稱為區塊鏈)改造金融服務行業。R3 於2016年11月30日公佈為開源。

當 Corda 從開發團隊出來並進入現實世界時,我們希望確保您可以快速了解它,並更好地使用它。這是個動手學習的群組,目的是幫助您深入了解 Corda。我們將探索 Corda 技術,並幫助您加快速度使用它。但重要的是,我們與你是個團隊,一起探討如何將這項技術應用於金融和其他場景。和其他聚會一樣,我們希望可以培育出地方社群。

R3 是一家金融創新公司,帶領著100多個世界領先金融機構成為夥伴聯盟。我們一起合作,為全球金融市場設計和提供先進的分散式帳本技術。我們與合作的機構共同研究,實驗,設計和建構。這推動了終端使用者從一開始就用這個新技術進入設計和產品過程。

Corda 是R3 對未來的願景的實現,金融協議將被記錄和自動管理而沒有任何錯誤,任何人都可以無縫地執行任何契約目的而沒有衝突。我們認為,市場將會走向一個模式,當金融協議一被記錄後,這些協議在協同下被正確維護、並被分享。重複,對帳,匹配失敗和間斷將是過去的事情。如孤島般的資產將不再存在。我們渴望為金融服務案例定義一個共享帳本架構,它需要成為成熟技術在現有法律框架內部署。

Corda is a platform built by R3 in collaboration with it's member banks globally to transform the financial services industry leveraging distributed ledger technology (aka Blockchain). R3 made it available as open source on November 30th 2016.

As Corda comes out from the development team and into the real world we want to make sure that you can move quickly to understand it and better yet, to use it. This is a hands-on user group with the aim of helping you understand Corda in depth. We'll explore Corda technology and help you get up to speed with it. But importantly, we'll explore as a group how to apply this technology to finance and other scenarios. And as with any meetup, we are looking to foster a local community around it.

R3 is a financial innovation firm that leads a consortium partnership with over 100 of the world's leading financial institutions. We work together to design and deliver advanced distributed ledger technologies to the global financial markets. We collaborate with our partner institutions on research, experimentation, design and engineering. This propels the ultimate users of this new technology into the design and production process from the outset.

Corda is R3's implementation of a vision of a future where financial agreements are recorded and automatically managed without error, where anybody can transact seamlessly for any contractual purpose without friction. We believe markets will move towards models where parties to financial agreements record them once and collaborate to maintain accurate, shared records of these agreements. Duplication's, reconciliations, failed matches and breaks will be things of the past. Isolated islands of asset representations will be no more. We aspire to define a shared ledger fabric for financial services use-cases that can be deployed within existing legal frameworks and which relies on proven technologies.

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