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ECTAsia - Taipei

This Meetup is past

90 people went


Aragon, Gnosis, MakerDao, Melonport and Raiden assembled a crew to meet the Asian Ethereum communities, exchange ideas and #buidl together.

The last months have seen a number of major releases and partnerships, which led us to stress Ethereum's interoperability as our tour motto, by showing you how our different layers of Ethereum software interoperate.

Gnosis is building a prediciton market platform that will improve forecasting of future events by accessing a global liquidity pool. To ensure trading on these markets is benefical a token is needed that is not effected by fluctuating token prices. MakerDAO is providing a stable coin solution enabling this. MakerDAO and Gnosis are also both at the forefront of building a decentralized exchange to facilitate trades in the Ethereum chain's trustless environment. These exchanges can be integrated into the Melon protocol to allow managers to create new decentralized financial products and sell their portfolio, in a technology regulated fund structure. If users want to pay with their tokens in the real world, they can convert them into Dai stable coins and pay through Raiden payment channels, to save the gas cost and relieve the mainnet. And finally, as the Ethereum community and the space is growing, so do the challenges of organizing, governing and updating our open source technologies, which are tackled by Aragon.