The Art of Asking: PR and Influencers Outreach (詢問美學:PR與網路影響力者為妳的產品宣傳)

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Referral channel, whether it may be in Ecommerce or SaaS businesses, is a long- term strategy that can yield superior results when carefully executed. In this meetup, we invited SparkAmplify Chief Data Scientist Chien Lee to share with us how to leverage PR and media to create influencers for your brand or platform.

Who is the meetup for: Granted, not all businesses' main sources of traffic/leads/ revenue is through PR, we recommend you to join this meetup if you are in the following areas:

- Startups on the way to doing their product launches;

- Startups considering to use PR as a potential traffic or revenue channel;

- Content Marketers;

- Freelancers;

- SEO consultants;

- Digital marketers.

To those who might not be all of the above, but are still interested to understand more on referral channels, you are also welcome to join.

Slots are limited so first come, first serve!

Where: The address that was there is at the opposite side, of the venue. So when you reach the address, just look at the even number building at the other side.

不論是在行銷或業務的領域, 受人遇見是最有效的長期策略。 在這次的 meetup 中, 我們有邀請到SparkAmplify 數據分析Chien Lee 來為我們的分享如何公關媒體接觸, 為你的品牌或產品宣傳。