Taipei Video Tech #4

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因應 Google 辦公室安檢政策要求,報名請務必提供真實姓名以及email,方可申請訪客證。活動當天18:30-19:00 將於101 大樓1F報到,依序發放訪客證後,集合進入Google辦公室。(因訪客證需提前製作,不接受現場報名,敬請見諒!)

To follow Google’s Office Security Policy, please be sure to provide your real name and email to apply for a visitor badge.

On the day of the event (18:30-19:00), our staff will help you check-in and distribute the visitor badges on the 1st floor of Taipei 101, and then we will enter the Google office together. (This event does not accept on-site registration.)


上一次在 3月份的活動我們宣布「Taipei Video Technology 串流產業沙龍」結盟影音科技組織 Demuxed 全球社群,這次 KKStream 攜手 CATCHPLAY 與 Umbo CV 即將在7月31日(三) 走進 Google 台北101 辦公室,舉辦第四屆「Taipei Video Technology 串流產業沙龍」!

#TaipeiVideoTech 初衷:“凝聚串流產業夥伴,激盪出跨界合作的無限可能!”

#TaipeiVideoTech 規模持續成長,繼上次邀請到日本主辦單位代表來台分享與國際大廠贊助,我們再接再厲,本場活動特別邀請到科技巨擘 Google 進行分享,同時也將由今年與 HBO 奪下《我們與惡的距離》全球版權,創造台劇新高峰的 CATCHPLAY,從技術角度切入,獨家揭秘如何成為台灣第一個走向國際,並成為印尼位居第一大付費的 OTT 平台。

「Taipei Video Technology 串流產業沙龍」絕對是OTT產業先進、技術高手不可錯過的重要聚會,期待有更多專家加入,蒞臨現場和我們互動交流,一起聊聊業界新鮮事!最新訊息與QA將同步於 Slack公布,歡迎申請加入:

Welcome, streaming experts!

In March, we announced that "Taipei Video Technology" allied with global community, Demuxed Conference. This time, KKStream, CATCHPLAY and Umbo CV will co-host the "Taipei Video Technology Meetup #4" at Google Taipei 101 office on July 31th (Wed.)!

The scale of "#TaipeiVideoTech" continues expanding. Last time we were pleased to have the organizer of Tokyo Video Tech as one of our speakers. Global leading companies also showed warm support with their sponsorship. As we are quite eager to bring you more, this time we are super excited to show you that the technology giant Google would share about YouTube Content ID, and CATCHPLAY -- the first Taiwanese OTT Platform to go global and top the Indonesia market -- would exclusively reveal the secret to their success from the technical perspective.

"#TaipeiVideoTech" is definitely an important gathering that OTT experts can't miss. We look forward to more experts and industry partners to join us!
Latest news and QA discussion will be announced via Slack. Stay tuned! Click to join:

18:30 - 19:00 Welcome Refreshments
19:00 - 19:20 Opening
19:20 - 19:50 Talk #1: CATCHPLAY (30 mins)
19:50 - 20:10 Break (20 mins)
20:10 - 20:40 Talk #2: Google (30 mins)
20:40 - 20:50 Closing / Group Photo
20:50 - 21:00 Coffee & Networking

Talk #1. 我們與串流架構的距離
(The distance between us and streaming architecture)

1. On-the-fly VOD Architecture 隨選視訊架構
2. Streaming Server Architecture 串流伺服器架構
3. Streaming Latency of Player 播放器的串流延遲


Talk #2. YouTube Content ID: Content Copyright System

Content ID 是現在盛行的數位識別系統,內容創建者可以使用該系統輕鬆識別和管理在YouTube中的影音版權。所有上傳到YouTube的影像皆會與Content ID中註冊的音頻和影像檔案進行對比審查。此分享將介紹 Content ID系統技術及其如何識別版權內容。

Content ID is a popular digital fingerprinting system that content creators can use to easily identify and manage their copyrighted contents on YouTube. Videos uploaded to YouTube are compared to audio and video files registered with Content ID by content owners, searching for any matches. In this talk, we will introduce what Content ID system is and how it works to identify copyrighted contents.

Harry @Google