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WooCommerce的使命是 [使網絡銷售平民化],並使 商戶老闆 掌控自己的 商業生態圈。 WooCommerce的核心平台是免費和開源的,使任何人都可以在任何地方出售任何東西。


歡迎光臨臺北小聚 - Taipei WooCommerce Meetup!

WooCommerce is a customizable commerce platform that empowers you to build exactly the store you want. From physical products to digital downloads, services, and subscriptions, you can sell worldwide with the freedom of WordPress.

WooCommerce is on a mission to democratize commerce and put store owners in control of their livelihood. The core WooCommerce platform is free and open-source, empowering anyone to sell anything, anywhere.

The WooCommerce community here in Taipei is an important part of the mission! Our work in community is to inspire you with what’s possible, empower you to move from ideas to action, and to make sure you can do so, regardless of your technical capability or experience.

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