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Taisoken Sword Fitness class for Ladies

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Taisoken Sword Fitness classes have been formulated to help sculpt and work your whole body, strengthening your core and empowering the mind.

The training is Cardiovascular and is suited to all levels of fitness. No prior training or experience of martial arts required.

See comments and pictures from the Taisoken trial session held in back in March:

Taisoken (meaning ‘exercise sword’) is a new form of ‘warrior fitness’ - fitness training based on the traditional Japanese sword movements.
The movements are authentic cutting actions, some dating back more than 3 hundred years when your life depend on how well you wield the Sword.

By taking authentic Japanese sword movements of attack and defence, these actions have been formulated into practice routines which work and sculpt the full range of the body’s muscles.
Additionally the routines require participates to focus and visualize their actions leading them to seeking perfection in application which in turn empowers the mind and develops greater body and mind equilibrium.

The Japanese sword is sharp and slender, renowned and admired across the world for its beauty and image; those that can weld it effectively are held in great esteem and revered. They are resilient and tranquil, with poise and grace they move with out effort, mind, body and sword as one.

Taisoken Sword Fitness has been developed and is led by Jeff Humm, who has been studying studying the use of the Japanese sword for over 35 years together with other traditional martial arts. He holds a Masters degree in Traditional Japanese Martial Arts and a 7th Dan in Japanese fencing (Kendo).

Classes take place every second Sunday and are for ladies only at the moment.

Meetup Date: Sunday 28th April 2013

Meetup Cost: £10
Please bring the payment with you on the day and pay directly to Taisoken.

Meetup Time: the session starts at 10.30am. Please be on time.
Each session lasts 1 hour.

Meetup Place: 1st floor, Somers Town community sports centre, 134 Chalton Street , London, NW1 1RX
Nearest Tube stations: Mornington Crescent, London St Pancras, King’s Cross St Pancras, Euston

Check TfL website for info on any weekend engineering works that could affect your journey:

Taisoken classes take place in a modern, recently refurbished dance hall. There are changing room, shower and toilet facilities on site.


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