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Lean Startup Principles & Democratic Discussions

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Calling all motivated supporters and practitioners of Lean Startup principles. You are invited to come out to share and learn about Lean Startup and to meet some entrepreneurs. The venue is nice and discussions will be as democratic as possible.

Please come prepared to talk to us about:
How have you been practicing Lean Startup principles lately?
Where are you in the Build | Measure | Learn cycle?
What do you want to do next and how?
If you don't have all the answers or the best answers, no problem. Just do your best. We simply need people that have something to offer group members. Everyone here wants to learn and grow.

We'll also be discussing a slideshow each month.

And the next slideshow is...

1. Social: Meet people and make yourself comfortable for 20-30 minutes or until people are ready to settle down sooner.
2. 1 Minute Pitches: We'll go around the room for anyone that wants to: Introduce yourself, describe the problem you are solving, describe your solution, & why now is the best time for it.
*****Consider asking members for honest feedback on your pitch & product, if only to learn ways to improve it.*****
3. Q & A and Lean Startup Stories: Let's move to a simple question and answer discussion about whatever people want to learn related to Lean Startup. This would also be a good time to listen to others' stories on lessons learned.
4. Discuss: We'll all have a chance to write down and choose discussion topics. You are encouraged to keep topics focused on Lean Startup Principles. Discussions will be timed in the format of either a Lean Coffee (精益咖啡) or an Unconference (非会议) discussion there is a large number of people wanting to come.
5. Discuss a slideshow, mentioned just before the agenda. A new one will be there each month.
6. Possible closing activities:
-IDEO ideation mashup
-5 Why's
-make 2 lists, "problems we solve now" and "problems we'd like to solve" & then discuss how to solve them
-suggest an activity

Order something from the menu or pay NT $150 for the drinks the cafe offers.

General Rules:
1. Be nice.
2. Try to increase the meetup value for attendees.
3. Fill out the profile questions or at least the question asked after you join the meetup this month. If not, you'll be moved to the waiting list. Members who introduce themselves are a lot more likely to show up to the meetup.

Lastly, please contact the organizer for this meetup if you have any requests/suggestions. It will be appreciated.

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