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Be aware your Higher Self can give you messages you will start to receive ......
If you are aware that your Higher Self can give you messages then you will start to receive more of them. Would it be my Higher Self communicating when someone mentions something to me and then at 5 am I will be woken up and I will be prompted, jolted awake with that is what that person said as I remember it so clearly although it had not registered at the time? This is happening more and more to me, is this my Higher Self? Yes. That is how it starts with the messages dropping in. We would suggest that you have a piece of paper by your bed to record these messages and this will allow the Higher Self to give you 20 messages in a night if you record them as you receive them. It is possible to reach out and write when barely awake and then go back to sleep. This will allow you to move towards the Light a lot quicker. The Higher Self can assist you in all aspects of your reality not just the spiritual. There is a potential there that we could be using for everyone and everything. This quiet state you speak about when that the messages come in. When it happens to me the whole brain changes and there is a clarity or a fine tuning with complete knowing. You may get words, pictures, impressions, and a knowing that this is the right path which can be there every minute of every day if you choose to live like this. It is also possible to receive information from your Higher Self in the dream state and we hope you will pick these messages up more often. If the dream is harmonious and carries a message then you can assume that this is from the Higher Self. The Higher Self is not going to give you a nightmare.

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