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Hi Folks! Our therapy groups are open to anyone experiencing a mental health issue. We are supported by chatcorner.sg (https://chatcorner.sg/)

If your situation is an emergency, please dial 999 immediately.

If you...

- Need to work through your mental health issues with a psychologist and are looking for a combination of therapy and psychoeducational

- Need to know how to be supportive of someone else,

If you're interested in attending the therapy group, kindly take note of the following:

1. If you wish to attend the group, please write an email to admin@chatcorner.sg and request for the consent forms.

2. The consent forms would have to be completed before being permitted into the therapy group.

3. Once the consent forms are completed, you will be invited to RSVP and make a payment of 60 dollars to attend the session.

4. If payment is made, you will be able to attend the group therapy session for that evening.

5. Type in the date of your therapy group, your name and the email you used to complete the Paypal or Stripe payment, in the chatbox at chatcorner.sg (http://chatcorner.sg/)

The therapy group will be facilitated by a Registered Psychologist from the Psychology Board of Australia. The groups have a minimum size of 1 and a maximum of 3 and it costs 60 dollars to attend the therapy group.

Note: If you're having difficulties accessing the group, go to chatcorner.sg and leave a message in the chatbox and we'll do our best to guide you. We will receive notifications of your messages in real-time

If you have specific questions about your mental health that you would like answered in the therapy group:

• Write an email to admin@chatcorner.sg before the session

All your personal information will remain private and confidential. You also have the right to state that your question remains private and confidential as well.

Just before the session, a psychologist will invite you to a secure online web conferencing platform. If you are struggling with a mental health or crisis-related issue, we would welcome you to get some feedback about your situation.

All therapy groups will be facilitated according to the guidelines listed below.

1. The web conference will proceed by audio or teleconference format.

2. No recording of the audio is permitted and strictly prohibited. Breach of this guideline may result in legal action.

3. Sensitive topics will be discussed and we want to keep this as a place where people can keep coming back and be open about their mental health issues in a non-judgemental way.

4. We take all precautions to maintain everyone's privacy and confidentiality. This includes alternating the platform being used and not providing a link until just before the group session begins.

5. The minimum number of people in the group will be 1 and a maximum of 3. (Exceptions will be made on a case-by-case basis).

6. Please be reminded that certain issues need to remain strictly confidential.

7. Your audio will be paused if you violate any of the therapy group's guidelines.

8. Do not reveal personally identifiable information about yourself or other persons not present. We welcome the use of a pseudonym within the therapy group if you do not feel comfortable sharing your real name.

9. Identifiable information should not be shared, including, addresses, bank information, etc.

10. Do not share what you are not comfortable sharing.

11. The psychologist's role is to facilitate, listen and if necessary guide you through your concerns. If you require individual mental health attention, reach out to us directly at chatcorner.sg (https://chatcorner.sg/). Occasionally, we may check-in to make sure if you are doing OK, especially if you have shared something distressing. This is our duty of care to you.

12. Here are some guidelines within the therapy group that you need to adhere to:

• No intrusive or disruptive crosstalk – sharing that is often considered intrusive and generally disruptive is not permitted.

• Interrupting, denying or preventing another person from sharing by making disparaging comments or showing a clear lack of empathy for another person's circumstances will not be tolerated.

• Time limits will be imposed to allow equal participation of other group members. If that person in the group wants to share their silence, we will respect that.

• Sharing needs to be non-judgemental.

• When another person in the group shares in response to something you’ve said, that is perfectly OK. This cannot be tolerated if there is a hint of censure, belittlement, scolding or preaching, conducted under the guise of sharing.

• The greatly reduced risk of being judged is what keeps people coming back and serves to make a person feel safe.

• Healthy crosstalk that can be characterized by empathy and of a giving nature is encouraged.

13. If there is a synergy in a group, this can produce a sense of familiarity, solidarity and togetherness. This can be particularly helpful while facing mental health challenges. In addition, the consistency of your attendance at these groups, especially if members know each another well in small groups may assist in the process of recovery and adds to the sense that you're not alone in this journey. When a group of individuals face these challenges together, this may encourage someone to keep up on their treatment diligently (if keeping on track is an issue they are struggling with), cause someone to find the courage to seek professional help for a mental health issue they are facing or seek community resources for a crisis they are facing, with greater ease.

14. We may occasionally provide tools for you to help yourself or another person who needs to cope with a mental health issue.

15. We will always encourage the improvement of your social, occupational, vocational or educational functioning.

16. We do not under any circumstances endorse any participant’s recommendations or endorsements of treatment, therapy, intervention, drug therapies, or alternative therapies or treatments on this platform. It is important that you do your own due diligence in assessing the accuracy of claims made and, in the choices of treatment, therapy, or otherwise similar, that you choose to embark on.

17. The facilitator has the sole right and responsibility to evaluate an issue and to determine if it is a subject matter that has to be addressed on a one-to-one basis. This is to ensure the privacy and confidentiality of the participant.

These groups allow individuals to be able to talk about challenges in their mental health, if they are having difficulty talking to friends, family or seeking professional help. If you have mental health symptoms or are experiencing current difficulties or a crisis in your life, we want you to be able to trust that this is a safe environment to share, not feel as if you are being judged and most importantly, to be heard.

Our goal is to expand our services for individuals experiencing a range of mental health issues. On occasion, you may be in the group on your own. This gives you the chance to have a deeper conversation about your mental health with a professional.

Note for clinicians:

1. Attending these sessions cannot be considered observations or clinical hours as part of the completion of a semi-structured or structured program without prior permission from chatcorner.sg (https://chatcorner.sg/). Your clinical supervisor has to obtain permission from chatcorner.sg (https://chatcorner.sg/) and prior written consent has to be obtained from each individual participant in the group. The client is permitted to change their stance as to whether consent is provided at any time.

2. The guidance provided in these therapy groups cannot be counted as providing individual therapy sessions.

For further clarification or if you are interested in one-on-one sessions with the therapist, please contact us at chatcorner.sg (https://chatcorner.sg/)

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