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Congratulations President Donald J. Trump, Vice President Mike Pence and to all Trumpian patriots who rallied hard to save the U.S.A. Spurred on by the Trump Campaign's incredible energy and determination, we now have the VICTORY!

The work of Making America Wealthy, Safe, Strong and Great Again is off to an amazing start. Yet here on the Left Coast, it is clear that We The People will have to push our state legislators to Make California Great Again by following the laws and Constitution.

Our Meetups will focus on fun, pro active events, rallies, warm welcomes and lively discussion. We will be exposing the truth to the media! A high priority will be to register new Republican voters and to seek out superstars to run against local Democrats. Could that be you? If so, reach out to us so we can build a support system for you! We will have guest speakers and Trump Coalition leaders which will include some of you who are experts in your fields.

The miraculous Trump victory delivered into our hands a great opportunity for success. Let's ride the wave with actions that re-establish prosperity and safety now to California. We are eager to grow our Trump Troops by pulling people out of the closet who are fed up with the political establishment and ready to take back our great state.

The masses believed what occurred on 11/8/2016, would never happen. The media is still in shock and denial! Let's recreate that miracle right here in Southern California by working and playing together as one enormous unstoppable force of American Patriots who take back our great state in record breaking time!

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