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Intro to Feldenkrais for Comfort
This is a chance to take some time to be more comfortable. Move Beyond Limits is offering a free Feldenkrais lesson to help you reduce tension in your neck, back and the rest of yourself. Feldenkrais is a gentle, relaxing method to reduce unneeded tension throughout your body. The lessons consist of easy movements that retrain your brain to use only the effort needed for whatever you're doing, leaving you feeling stronger and more limber and comfortable. Our motto for the lessons is "If it hurts, don't do it." We always look for the easy way to move. You can see a nice sample lesson at This Meetup will be the first Saturday, of each month from 1:00 to 2:30. We're planning these to be on the first Saturday of each month, but we're open to suggestion. This Meetup is in conjunction with our regular free special needs children's clinic: If it's difficult for you to get out, you can also join the class by Zoom at (Please call me first to do the easy setup. [masked] or[masked]) If you're curious about what a Feldenkrais lesson is like, give me a call and I'll talk you through a short lesson over the phone. [masked] or[masked] WHAT TO BRING You'll need loose comfortable clothes, and if you're joining remotely, an open space to lay down on carpet or such. Thanks, Ed

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Parents of special needs children spend a great deal of time supporting their children. This group is based on the idea that we can give more easily to others when we also take care of ourselves. Move Beyond Limits will use the Meetup to offer regular Feldenkrais events for parents and family. Members are also welcome to offer any other activities, discussions, and events they wish. The goal is to help take care of the caregivers.

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