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Kayak the Adirondacks

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This is a great trip!! One of my favorites. Some great paddling, a short hikes with great lookout points, nice camp spots, secluded and hopefully we can catch the fall colors at their peak. It’s all the beauty of the Algonquin trip without all the work.

Day 1
Meet in Collegeville to load boats and gear at 3:00pm and get on the road by 4:00pm. We will drive for about 5 – 6 hours and get a hotel as close to the put in as possible in that time frame.

Day 2
- Hit the road between 7:00am & 8:00am (depending on how close to the put in we are) and grab a quick breakfast and head to the put in

- Arrive at the put in and be on the water between 10:00am & 11:00am
- Paddle for about 5 or so hours to where we will camp.
- Lunch – PB & J or lunch meat tortillias
- Happy Hour
- Dinner – TBD

Day 2
- Break Camp and paddle for about 5 - 6 hours and set up camp
- Breakfast – Oatmeal & toast
- Lunch – PB & J tortillas
- Happy Hour
- Dinner – TBD

Day 3
- Break camp and paddle for 5 – 6 hours. **Note – on this section the wind is usually at our backs. In the past we have rigged up mini sails so keep this in mind if you want to try kaysailing. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t…. but when it does it is a blast!!
- Set up camp.
- Optional ½ mile hike to see the lookout shown in the picture
- Breakfast – Oatmeal & Toast
- Lunch PB & J tortillas
- Dinner – TBD

Day 4
- Optional pre-dawn hike to lookout to watch the sunrise and enjoy a cup of coffee (Barnum & Bailey have nothing on this…This is truly the greatest show on earth!!)

- Break camp and paddle about 2 hours back to the car and drive home. We will stop somewhere and grab lunch on the road.
- Aim to be back to your vehicles between 5:00pm & 7:00pm
- Breakfast – Oatmeal.

Cost $595 per person - Cost includes Transportation of you and your kayak, hotel, permits, guide, planning & organizing, Group equipment (stoves, cookware, water purification, tents if needed, meals while in the wilderness, etc). Guide certified in wilderness first aid, cpr and trip planning, pre-programmed email sent daily to loved ones to let them know you are ok, emergency location beacon.

- You are responsible for meals on the road & snacks while paddling, kayak and kayaking gear. Rental kayaks and camping gear are available upon request at a very reasonable rate.

This trip is a true wilderness trip. Once we shove off we will be completely on our own. There are no hospitals, phones, cell service, running water, help, or the option to quit. We will have one very short portage to get from one lake to another lake. Everyday we might break camp and paddle to a new campsite. Due to the nature of this trip I will impose a restriction on the weight of everyone’s gear. We will work as a team paddling and at the campsite. However you must be able to paddle a boat for 4 – 6 hours (not several days in a row and feel comfortable paddling in adverse conditions if needed. All times and schedule posted are subject to change.

Requirements & Restrictions

- Kayak/canoe must be at least 12’ long

- Must be able to paddle and carry your gear

- There will be a weight limit for how much gear you can bring along

- Whistle

- Knife

- Flashlight

- Sleeping bag

- Snack food – only meals will be supplied

- Cup/bowl & utensil

- NO ELECTRONICS (phones, radios, video games, iPods)

Recommended items

- Sun block

- Hat

- Hiking shoes/sandals/watershoes

- Bug spray

- Soap suds (bio-degradable shampoo/soap)

- Toothbrush & deodorant – PLEASE ;-)

- Deck bag

- Dry bags

- Compression bags

- Lighter