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-Mission statement: It is my sincere hope this club will be a haven for those who have tried to find worthwhile people in all the usual places (clubs, bars, parties, conventions) and only came up empty. I want myself and the club members to truly take life back and live a sensible, humane, warm, compassionate, artful, and full life again in this country. I am forming this club largely as a reaction (and hopefully solution) to the declining quality of human interaction in the US. I have my theories about why this decline is occurring, but I’d rather reserve talking about those for the club’s initial meeting.

-I would like the core focus and format of this club to be more intimate and low-key to facilitate interpersonal connections and meaningful conversation. I will have a topic, presentation, or discussion question to begin each meeting and we will see where the meeting goes from there. Certainly, more larger scale events such as film screenings and trips to museums or dinners out will be a part of the club too.

-Even though I am the organizer of the club, I encourage others to step up and lead certain meetings. Their particular passions and hobbies should be their guide for these meetings.

-And to conclude, perhaps a few anonymous posts on a website dedicated to people considering leaving the US sums it up best: “I want a place where I can live among the people and help and heal. I want a place for people to come lay down and rest awhile...” and “I'm just a regular guy wanting to focus more on the quality of my life than the incessant drive for more hours, less quality of life and higher fees, payments, charges by the utility, telecom, pharmaceutical, "health care", and education system monopoly near you.”

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This club may be for you if:

-You’ve ever been called “an old soul” more than once

-You just know there’s something very wrong with modern American culture. More specifically, how the breakneck pace of technology that has become the wallpaper of our lives has made us less adventurous, loving, romantic, earthy, caring, open, and spontaneous. Instead it has made us feel blah, stale, disconnected, numb, unfulfilled, and distracted. But you also realize every age has its drawbacks and there is no golden age and you must make the best of any era.

-You don’t slavishly serve and identify with one political/philosophical/ideological/religious group because you know life is too complex and rich to see the world through only one lens. Besides, you know what it truly means to be open-minded: being open to give-and-take in a conversation and not being afraid to be wrong because you like learning worthwhile things from people.

-Your patience grows ever thinner for having to learn new technology seemingly every month.

-You are naturally suspicious this is a feel-good new age group. It isn’t.

-You understand that truly committing to anybody (be it friend or lover) is a risk and don’t shy away from the emotional ups and downs that it entails. That is, you don’t cling to the chic “misanthrope” tag because you are adult and brave enough to take risks on people and risk disappointment and hurt feelings.

-You have a sneaking suspicion that art is all that matters

-You constantly strive to simplify your life and think twice before letting more technology into it.

-You continue to be a good person even though you fully realize you may never receive the full reward or recognition you deserve for being one

-You die a little every time you see canned “inspirational” speeches by politicians/celebrities with the usual platitudes (“Live like every day is your last,” “Carpe diem!” etc)

-You’re fed up with the glut of entertainment and media for the 14-year-old male demographic and wonder where all the art and entertainment for mature, adventurous, intelligent, and sensible adults is.

-You wonder how much easier life would be if you were easily amused at mass entertainment like most people and not have to seek out more rarified art and entertainment to satisfy yourself

-You wish people who are jealous and/or intimidated of your rarified taste and intelligence would know just how difficult and isolating it can be to be that way and it’s not really that enviable.

-You realize that bad taste is essential sometimes. Plus it can be a lot of fun.

-You resent being called “dude.”

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