Creative Photo Field Trip: Brimfield Antique Market Sturbridge MA

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Fall Photo Field Trip to Brimfield.
We go in May and Sept. RSVP for Sept. Class Here. Thursday 5th
Our exciting destination for this special field trip is the Brimfield Antique Market just 90 minutes from Boston, near Sturbridge Village. Brimfield provides a treasure trove of photo opportunities. You can choose to focus on the people, the place, or the things you see. It is like a giant visual feast of color, action and fun. Collect some of the most fascinating photos of your life during this one day photo fieldtrip. You just never know what you will see.

Brimfield Antique Market is BIG. 20 fields, 6,000 dealers, 50,000 visitors. This can be overwhelming. That is why it is great to go with a guide like me. I will help you find your way and take some of the most curious, fascinating, and unexpected photos of your life. WE go mid week so there are not too many people.

The photography skills you will develop during the day:

How to use your camera better. Working with different settings for each assignment.

• How to use composition to simplify the scene and create a dynamic image.

• How to focus on the visual design elements of color, line, texture shape and color.

• How to take your camera off the auto setting for clear, properly exposed photos.

• How to create photo essay with a series of images that add up to tell a story.

• All levels are welcome. You can shoot on auto or venture into the off auto world with some basic technical tips and guidance from me.

• Why go with a professional guide? Because I make arrangements with the top dealers so we have special permission to photograph their space. We can even move things around! I know which dealers are photo friendly.

• Because I reserve a parking spot for you. So don't worry when you see all those signs that say LOT FULL.

• Because I have been going to Brimfield twice a year for 20 years! I know my way around and love to share best photo opportunities with you.

Because I arrange special permission for us to shoot in the top dealer setups.
One year I just focused on photographing vintage cameras. You could choose one subject and see how many samples you can find.

There is a definite art to photographing the Brimfield Flea Market! I have been photographing Brimfield for over 20 years. I will be be sharing my secrets and taking a small group of you on a photo field trip to Brimfield located in Sturbridge MA. You can drive down same day, or go the night before and stay at an inn. If you choose this option book right away since the hotels fill up very fast!!!!!

The subjects: textures, people, dogs, collectables, textiles, glass, sliver, artwork, and that is just one field! It is almost impossible for me to describe what you will see, because honestly, it is never the same twice.

Spend the entire day at Brimfield with the fabulous small group with me as your photo guide. I will be providing photo tips, instructions and assignments all day. Some creative photo topics we will cover include composition, lighting, cutting out clutter, story telling, photographing people and pets and macro settings. I will share with you how to avoid the three biggest mistakes photographers make when shooting events and gatherings. You will also receive individual coaching during the day to help you with the specific type of photos you want to take.

You never know what you will see. Have your camera ready at all times. And everyone is happy to strike a pose if you say please.

Optional follow-up session supplement: A 4 hour follow up critique class after the trip is an OPTION many people enjoy. We look at your photos and see what you saw. . * you can book this session for an additional $65.00. We will choose a date as a group while at Brimfield.

Let's go!!!!


P.S. If you have any questions just send me a message. I will be happy to reply so you will have all the info you need to make your decision.