Why Choose Continuous Delivery and How To Get it Right


Long development cycles have negative side effects like dealing with conflicts, context switches and a high risk of bugs. Choosing continuous delivery requires a mindset change, but it will change your life as a developer and positively impact on your product and users.

We are excited to host you IN PERSON at our event space located at ToHa towers, WeWork, Totzeret HaAretz 6, floor 13, TLV.
For those of you who can't make it in person, no worries, a link will be provided upon registration, but for those of you who can, food and drinks will be served (because we really miss meetup pizza and beer).

If you would like to attend in person, please also register for the event here (in addition to the registration via meetup.com). Please wait for an email approval, so that we can get a sense of how many people will be joining us in person:

* The event will be held according to the green passport guidelines, so upon arrival, we will ask you to present either your green passport/vaccination certificate/certificate of recovery/negative covid test result (maximum 48 hours before the event).

** The event will be held in Hebrew
**At the end of the event a cool prize will be drawn (DJI, Mavic mini quadcopter)**

About the speaker:
Nir Peled is a Principal Software Engineer who leads Frontend Engineering for the Takeaway Pay platform at Just Eat Takeaway.com. He’s a dad, husband and developer (in that order). Building things since 2005, Nir is a true Agile believer, from automation to data-driven decision making, continuous delivery and a great overall R&D culture.
He has extensive experience in building complex web (SPA) and mobile apps from scratch. An early adopter of React (since 2015) and React Native (2017), he’s a huge fan of the React ecosystem in general.

Find out more:

18:00-18:30: Drinks & Snacks
18:30-18:45: Welcome from the CTO of Just Eat Takeaway.com, Israel.
18:45-20:15: Why Choose Continuous Delivery And How To Get It Right
20:15-20:30: Break
20:30-20:45: Cool prize lottery (DJI, Mavic mini quadcopter)