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This group is for anybody who wants to learn a few or many life hacks to improve where they see themselves in life. If you are stuck in a rut, if you think you deserve more, or you want to grow faster, then this is the seminar you want. Taking 2018 by Storm – Begins LIVE on Thursday, March 29

You step forward in 2018 with the focus, momentum and will power to drive you further.

Do you feel that you are spinning your wheels at work and only marginally improving what you have?
Are you working for yourself and wondering how you can do more and work smarter?
Do you have employees who aren't as motivated and energetic as you may want them to be?
Do you have a spouse or partner who is difficult to engage or motivate?
Do you feel you need to do more with your life?
This class is the inaugural class for Idea Envy's 2018 Public Series. The initial class is followed by a series of optional but highly recommended coaching sessions and webinars which are each designed to promote positive thinking, goal driven attitudes and overall success.

Successful Relationships

The first seminar will cover Developing a Positive Attitude, Embracing and Improving Relationships, plus Setting Goals for Success.

It is highly suggested that you bring loved ones, friends and co-workers to this event. This event includes an amazing opportunity to learn new aspects about yourself and achieving greatness.

The program as a whole is designed to build a more positive community by concentrating on individuals first. Each person will develop skills which improve their situation. As this is done, each student is encouraged to grow mission to include others and improve the community as a whole.

Here’s how it works...The value of this program is in the students!

Student Youth

First, the program starts with a free session. Other sessions are also to be scheduled and also free. If someone wanted to avoid paying anything for the training, this would be acceptable. However, the value of the training is distributed throughout all sessions including the webinars.

There is homework. None of the homework is required, but it is all highly suggested and encouraged. This is because the homework is designed to continue the growth of each individual.

Some may say the sessions are for "touchy - feely and Rah Rah" people. This is not the case. The entire program is designed to get people to look into themselves as well as at others. Improving your business communications, sharpening your work skills, speaking more effectively and other tools are covered during the entire curriculum.

Don't you want to join the success?

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