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Platform to perfect the art of storytelling, overcome stage fear, practise effective communication and become POWERFUL ORATORS!

Aapki kahani. Aaphiki zubaani!

Our mission is to see "INDIA WITHOUT STAGE FEAR" by 2026!

#IndiaWithoutStageFear #TTT



This is a storytelling group. What better way to learn than learning by doing, with some gentle critiquing? We tell stories on stage and help each other get better at it.

Code of conduct:

This group is a friendly, welcoming and safe environment for individuals of all kinds, regardless of level of experience, gender, gender identity and expression, sexual orientation, dis/ability, personal appearance, body size, race, ethnicity, age, religion, nationality, or other similar characteristics.

You might encounter people you don’t like, or strongly disagree with. Unless you’re being attacked, be nice anyway. Be respectful of others’ opinion, even when you don’t share it.

Insulting, harassing, bullying, victim-blaming, racist, sexist, homophobic or otherwise demeaning language is not tolerated here.

Take note of how much space and time you are taking in the group relative to other people. We’d like to ensure everyone feels able to participate.

No cross talking, please, and no interruptions while others are talking. We value all voices - so let's hear them all, one at a time.

We have a Conflict Resolution Policy under development - coming soon.

What is a story?

Excellent question! We ask ourselves the same thing each day. A story is a stream of narrative carried through to a conclusion. It might be a joke, a soliloquy, or a seemingly unconnected series of events that magically transform into a beautiful punchline.

We’re here to focus on our storytelling technique, not how to write stories. Bring something you wrote, or a section of a book, perform a short play - whatever works. If you brought your own story, expect to hear a little about structure and narrative, but mostly we’re looking at delivery.

Please keep your story to under 10 minutes in length, so we all have time to participate.

I’m not that comfortable with English...

That’s great! Please bring a story in whatever language you want. It’s always an interesting challenge to communicate with an audience that doesn’t understand your words.

I have a suggestion..._

Great! This is all very new, we're open to experimentation. We expect the group to change and become what we want it to be. We might hold different kinds of events - like horror stories at a haunted house, or themed stories, or whatever it is you suggest.

How to give feedback_

The most important aspect is to be constructive. Ask yourself, what would anyone gain by hearing me say this? Be crisp and short as possible.

Offer suggestions for improvements of the storytelling technique, not belief systems or personality. We’re here to help critique behaviour, not people.

Try to think of at least one positive thing to say, no matter how minor, especially if you’re offering suggestions for improvement.

Separate your opinion from facts. “I got a bit bored while you were speaking, I would have appreciated a faster pace” is better than “You gave too much detail!” One person’s minutiae is another person’s glorious imagery.

How to receive feedback:

Being criticised is hard. It’s also really valuable. By sharing your story, you’ve asked for others’ opinion, so get what you can from the experience.

Remember you’re listening to suggestions and opinions, not instructions on how to live your life. not every technique will work for everyone, or for every situation. If you do find yourself becoming defensive (“That wasn’t part of the story! There’s all this stuff you don’t know…”) take a deep breath, remind yourself that you are listening to suggestions only, and try to listen to the best of your abilities. You don’t have to take it on board.

Thank the people offering you feedback. They’ve taken the time to listen to you, consider what can be improved, and bothered telling you about it.


This group is free to join, free to participate, and free to leave. Just bring enthusiasm and imagination.

We meet every two weeks and go for about 3 hours, with a break.

Tale Tellers Troupe India (Storytelling Club)- Bangalore Chapter

Platform to perfect the art of storytelling, overcome stage fear, practise effective communication and become POWERFUL ORATORS!

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Open Mic - Story Telling #TTTI
Needs a date and time

Needs a location

Interested in sharing your story or listening to others share theirs? Want to perfect the art of storytelling or just want to overcome your stage fear? Then look no further. This is the event you have been looking for :) Stories can be something that you have heard from your family/friends, something that you read or something that happened to you. You can share anything as long as it is less than 7 minutes. If you prefer to sit back and listen to stories and not tell your own, thats cool too. Our vision is to see an "INDIA WITHOUT STAGE FEAR" by 2026. Aapki kahani. Aaphiki zubaani! Entry fee - Rs.50. #IndiaWithoutStageFear #TTT_India

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