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Talent Incubator for Minorities

Are you a Manager or Senior Manager who's looking to grow your skillets and career? What happens when hard work and intelligence aren't enough to get you the roles or projects that you really want? What are the shortcuts or information that others have used in their career? Do you feel stuck in your current role and want strategies on how to achieve your goals?

Join this group to meet with like minded individuals who are prioritizing their personal and professional growth. We host monthly workshops and events that teach soft skills like:

• Understanding why you feel this way

You’re not alone and you can be authentic in the workplace and still be successful, in fact, you may be more successful once you’re able to be your true self

• Managing Up

How do I do influence my boss, my bosses’ boss and on up through the chain so that they can see the great work that I (or my team) is producing

• Connecting with Colleagues

How do I develop authentic friendships with people around the water cooler, when I frankly don’t feel like we have that much that’s relatable

• Understanding how Promotion cycles really work –

Beyond the rubric or guidelines that your manager or HR department may provide, how does management really have this discussion?

• Presenting a new idea (gaining consensus)

You have a better way to do something that’s more efficient and better for the company, how do you sell this idea so that you have others championing it versus feeling belittled or threatened by it?

• Marketing Yourself

Everyone is in the business of marketing, whether it’s in your title or not. How do you market yourself within and outside of your organization to provide visibility into who you are and what you’re working on

• Being Confident to network when you have ‘nothing to offer’

Networking sounds slimey. How do you seek mentorship or connect with others especially when you seemingly have nothing to offer immediately in return?

• Negotiating your role or salary or promotion

You’ve done your homework, you’ve put in the hard work and gained consensus, now – how do you actually negotiate (and with whom) to ensure you’re advocating for yourself and not leaving things on the table?

• Soliciting and getting constructive feedback to capitalize on your strengths

Few of us actually receive actionable feedback that is constructive. Usually, feedback is given once a year during review cycle and its so high level, that you’re not actually sure what you need to work on to get to the next level. How do you actually create settings where you’re getting constructive feedback from the right people?

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