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Get acquainted and involved with your fellow gamers, readers, watchers and consumers of all things nerd culture in the KW region. Join us for conversations, outings and activities centred on the hobbies that define nerd culture.

Immerse, engage and enjoy alternate realities with your fellow community! You're in the right place if you're interested in: video games, technology, fiction, movies, shows, theorycrafting, cosplay, virtual reality, game development, narratives, lore, competitive gaming, casual gaming, obsessing over alternate universes, graphic novels, anime, manga, LAN parties, conventions, esports, trivia… the list goes on!

Obviously since this is a new group, feel free to suggests events you'd like to see happen. For now, here are some suggestions of things that might happen in the near future:

/Books: Choose a book, read it, talk about it.

/Games: Choose a game, play it, talk about it.

/TV: Choose a movie or show, watch it, talk about it.

Let's play VR: Get a group discount on VR time at CTRL-V (groups of 8 are -3$ per hour AND instantly have friends to play multiplayer games with).

Let's play ____: Meet up online to play multiplayer games.

Discussions: E.g., Cosplay - tried it? Want to? Share ideas and discuss plans and projects; Best games of _All time, 2017, 2018, etc_; LARPing, tried it? Want to?; What's your dream game?

Theorycraft: E.g., Bioshock universe; Philosophical games, movies and shows.

The future of ____: Talk about what's on the horizon, distant or close, for a given topic, e.g., RPGs, MMOs, esports, mobile gaming, revenue models, etc.

Versus: League, overwatch, battlerite, SSB, hearthstone, whatever! Organize tourneys and teams.

XX: Talk, game and hang out with the female gamer community (oriented towards females/female identifying individuals).

eSports: Viewing parties!

Upcoming events (1)

Movie Night: Alita: Battle Angel

Landmark Cinema Kitchener

Nerdy movie night! So lets give this manga inspired Live Action a chance. Once again it'll be Cheap Tuesday (≈$7) a week after it's initial release, or come watch it again with us. I'll update once we get closer to the movie date, but as it stands we'll meet at the Kitchener Landmark theater for the 7pm viewing, then go to up the road to Fionn McCool's for dine and discussion afterwards. However if enough people agree we can venture to the Kitchener Cineplex Odeon and go from there.

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Movie Night: Aquaman

Landmark Cinemas

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