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This group is for film fans who want to socialize and discuss all things movies with like minded people over a relaxing drink.

Would you recommend a film you watched recently? What movies are you excited to see? Which film disappointed you? Whether it’s a brand new cinema release, art house indie, or a classic movie you are welcome to come and share your views and opinions...or just have a chat!
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This meetup isn't for group cinema going (other meetups do offer that), the idea is that watch what you want in your own time (at home/cinema) and report back to the group in a fun, social chat.  

Note: Places are limited at this meetup, and often more people want to come than there are places. Please only RSVP 'Yes' if you are sure you can attend. Saying you are attending and not showing up often robs a waitlisted person (who wanted to come) a place. 

Apologies, we do not allow brand new members to immediately RSVP yes to the next event, as too often when this happens they don't show up, please allow one week before you RSVP, thanks!

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July Movie Chat & Meet

Needs a location

Come meet fellow film fans for drink and discussion upstairs in the Curzon Cinema bar. We will chat about what films we've seen at home, in the cinema, what we did/didn't like...and what we'd recommend.

Please only RSVP if you intended on turning up, thanks.
Although we discuss both new and old movies, here are some new releases you may wish to see and give your views on....

Baz Luhrmann returns to direct his visually rich and epic biopic of ‘The King’ himself, Elvis Presley. From dirt poor Mississippi beginnings to global mega stardom, Elvis Presley rides the Rock N’ Roll wave with the help of the talented but overbearing manager Colonel Tom Parker (Tom Hanks).

The Black Phone
Supernatural horror starring Ethan Hawke. It is the 70s and a child killer is trapping children before abandoning them in a disused basement. The only feature there is a black phone…the killer’s latest prisoner, Mason, hears it ring and receives voices giving him advice on how to escape. Are the murderers’ previous victims giving him help from beyond the grave?

Persuasion (Netflix 8th July)
The latest Jane Austen adaptation, this time from Netflix. Dakota Johnson stars as Anne Elliott, at just 19 Anne was engaged to a handsome young Navy captain, however was ‘persuaded’ into breaking it off as he was of a lower social rank. 8 years of heartache later it looks like their paths will cross again, this could be a second chance at romance…but it also could be very awkward!

Thor: Love & Thunder
Marvel sequel as Thor’s journey back to fitness and inner peace is thwarted by the rise of Gorr, a villain with the power to kill all Gods. To defeat this threat, he must team up with mythical champions, including a former love interest (Natalie Portman)...Who now wields more power than him.

Luzzu (Also streaming on Curzon Home Cinema £9.99)

Acclaimed film from Malta, which has won many film festival awards. A young fisherman, Jesmark, and his partner become first-time parents, however the baby is in need of a costly medical operation. Times are tough and Jesmark can’t earn enough on his small boat (a Luzzu). Out of desperation he enters the murky world of illegal Black-market fishing where rewards are high…But so are the risks

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