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Regular online meetups for men, women and men and women to share stories, dilemmas, challenges. To help grow and support in a safe environment with open and honest feedback. The groups are small, with around 9 people. The "Talking Stick" is virtual, After a brief round of introductions, each person gets to start on a topic picked at random from the pack (or one that they have brought with them) and we take it in turns to share what that topic brings up for us. Each person takes turns to share what the topic brings up for them while others listen. The person whose turn it is may invite feedback from others or others may briefly interject to request clarification. The emphasis remains on one person sharing, the rest of us listening - we do not have a discussion, or a debate and definitely not an argument ;)

The meetup may cover one topic for the whole session or, more likely, several topics - examples might be:

• My childhood

• What I learn most from my children

• I deal with anger by ...

• I lack ...

At the end of the meetup we will have a brief check-out round.

Please make sure you have read the Ground Rules (

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