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Who is this group for??? Anyone not quite old enough to retire but young enough to still know how to have fun! Tallahassee and the surrounding area has many things to do and great people to do them with. From festivals and free concerts to one of Tally's newest foodie hot-spots, I see this group doing more a wide range of activities. Singles and couples are welcome as well as children for certain family-oriented events.

Membership is free but donations are welcome to support the $240.00 annual cost.

1. RSVPs

To ensure everyone has an opportunity to enjoy our group events, please only RSVP when you know your availability and intend to participate in an event. Your RSVP is your commitment to attend the event. We know plans can change, and expect that you change your RSVP accordingly and keep it current. If you are bringing a guest, you are responsible for the RSVP commitment of the guest also. You may be requested to share the name of the guest with the event host.

For limited attendance events with reservations--for example, dinner at a restaurant--please make sure you change your RSVP or contact the host in advance if you can't make it. The host has taken the trouble to make the reservations, the restaurant has set up a table and ensures sufficient waiters/waitresses for the group size, and often there are members on a wait list. Please don't make a habit of canceling within 24 hours of the event start time. This is not respectful to the host and members on the wait list. Members who consistently sign up for an event and then change the "RSVP" within 24 hours of the start of an event will be prevented from signing up for future events.

2. No Shows

If you are a "No Show" you will not be allowed to attend any future limited events.

We have a simple no-show policy. If something happens and you can not make an event change your status to not attending, contact the organizer as soon as possible. No-Shows cost restaurants $$ and lessen our group credibility when we obtain discounts or favors based on the group size. If you have 2 no-shows in a short period, you will be removed from the group.

3. Event Attendance and Participation

In the event there are 4 or less confirmed RSVPs, an event will be cancelled. Members who have not participated in an event in a year will be removed from the group.

4. Photo Requirement:

For the safety of all members, we do require members to post a current headshot so that we can easily recognize each other at events. Please select your "My Profile" (top right menu) and review your profile photo. There is a menu below your photo to change (if necessary) the present photo. If for some personal reason, you do not want your photo on the site, please contact the organizer of this group directly to explain why (all exceptions will be made solely by the organizer on a case to case basis). Any person without a photo may not be allowed to attend events hosted at a private residence (depending on the discretion of the host). Profiles determined to not be of a legitimate person will be removed.

5. Using the "Comments" and Discussion Board Sections:

Please use the comments section to ask about the venue, details of the event, or to find people to carpool. Please DO NOT use the comments section as a chat room to discuss meetup etiquette, criticize other members, or to tell other members how they should behave. If you have a problem with a member, contact that person via private message and ALSO contact the leadership team.

6. Respect & Consideration for the fellow members:

Please be courteous and respectful of the members of the group. We are all here to have a good time, meet new people and build new friendships. With that said, I should note that This not a singles or a dating group. First and foremost, do not touch other members unless you have been introduced to them and have a known and equal level of friendship and familiarity. Not everyone like hugs etc. and all members should be conscious of this. Indiscriminate hugging, touching etc. followed by complaints will include a warning and then removal from the group if the behavior continues. If you have an interest in another (single) person be respectful in asking them out. However, if they are not interested then please accept their decision. Any complaints of harassment will be dealt with immediately including termination from the group.

Event interaction - The intent of group is to opportunity for people in their 40’s and 50’s and chance to meet and have fun doing common interest event together, not to provide a platform for condescending and rude behavior toward others. Repeat behavior showing disrespect and aggression toward others (including their opinion during an event discussion) in the group will include removal from the group. This includes starting arguments, drama, making (generally accepted) insensitive comments etc. Behavior generally consider that which would (or may) cause other members to leave events, not attend future events, or are inconsistent with the goals and objectives and intent of the group etc. may include removal from the group.

Private message that include rude, aggressive or unwelcome behavior will be addressed following receipt of information (or evidence) from all parties. Messages inconsistent with the objectives and policies of this group may include removal from the group.

7. Contributions

We do encourage people to make contributions to the group. The organizer pays a fee of around $240 every year to manage this group and contributions help off-set the cost. We recommend that each member makes a contribution of $5 to $7 per year. New members are encouraged to pay this amount within the 1st 30 days of joining. Funds exceeding the $240 yearly fee are used toward free group appetizers, venues fees, or the like at an event once a year.

The organizers of this meetup reserve the right to remove members who don't respect these policies.

Meetup ideas (please feel free to suggest and host*).

Any other ideas? :)

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