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Individual Sessions By appointment ANY DAY - for healing/readings/guidance
An individual session with Grace Terry is beneficial for anyone who wants a wise, intuitive companion on Life's journey. In the tradition of the wounded healer, she freely shares wisdom, knowledge, and good humor from her own 40-year journey toward wholeness as well as 30+ years of professional practice. She also shares messages she receives from angels and spirit guides. She supports without condition and practices "honesty with love." Individual sessions include card reading on request. Grace is a survivor of abuse, trauma, multiple losses, chronic depression and anxiety, and addiction. She has transcended being a victim and now enjoys a life of adventure, abundance, and delight. Her greatest joy is to provide inspiration, encouragement, and comfort to others. Individual sessions are scheduled by appointment. Fees are moderate and flexible. Barter proposals are welcomed.

Home office, Byron GA

Convenient to I-75 Phone 727.487.3207 for exact address. · Byron, ga

What we're about

Angel Café is:

- An inclusive (non-sectarian, interfaith, non-dogmatic) spiritual community which provides nourishment for the body, mind, soul, and spirit;

- A conversation between “earth angels” (i.e., humans) and heavenly angels (i.e., messengers from God) and spirit guides who radiate guidance for health, wholeness, enlightenment, and prosperity;

- A classroom where participants learns to use spiritual gifts for the Highest Good of All;

- A recovery family for survivors (of abuse, trauma, loss, addictions, or other challenges) who are willing to see themselves as something other than victims;

- A sanctuary where misfits fit...


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