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Among our major political parties lie gaps - gaps seen by some as wide differences causing problems. Others see those same gaps as openings...opportunities to adjust the space between us.

Perhaps they are areas of common ground.

Some of us live in these gaps. Pro-life Democrats. Republicans for common sense gun laws. Liberals for educational choice. Conservatives for universal health care.

Where do we belong? Maybe we belong together.

Can Trump voters sit down to talk with social democrats without a riot starting? I believe we can do it. Good practice for upcoming holiday dinners with family members.

Let's prove social media wrong.

Gap Dinners allow us to engage in friendly, meaningful conversations with people who are different from us, yet united in the idea that tribalism is unhealthy for our communities and our country. Gathering in person to talk, listen and break bread allows us to move past polarizing politics and discover areas of agreement.

Each dinner will end with a promise to go out into the world as Gap Ambassadors, sending ripples of respect and understanding into a community that desperately needs it.

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