What we're about

Kirtan is when we together JOYOUSLY SING, chant A JOYOUS CELEBRATION and an INSTANT CONNECT with the Holy DIVINE. …a sitting or a moving form of MEDITATION.

Every day we hear sounds that are increasing our forever entanglement in the tiresome worldly matters.

For a change, come experience the sound that posses the potency to instantly liberate you from this unending material conditioning.

KIRTAN is that Spiritual Sound.

This awakening process simply through singing or chanting the Names of the Holy Father, or God is widely recommended in the Bible (Old and New Testaments), Koran and of course, Vedic Scriptures. Kirtan is your call to the higher self.

Quite ironically, it is far from possessing a melodious voice, being a professional chanter, or a deft instrument player.

Anyone can chant, sing, joyously dance and participate in Kirtan. So come on in….just bring yourself, your kids, family, friends, your voice and any musical instruments (not necessarily) just in case if you have one and….

So just come.... Chant….! & be eternally Happy!

Joy unto to you.