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These are people nominated by one Skipper and seconded by another, who in the Skippers’ opinions and experience are qualified and experienced enough to handle their boats in the Skippers’ absence or incapacity.

The largest, most active sailing Meetup in Tampa Bay.

This FREE group introduces Captains (with licenses), Skippers (with access to boats), Crew (with training) and Sailors (with interest). No annual dues. No required meetings. Not affiliated with any business. Great boats. Many outings scheduled!

A few Skippers volunteer their boats, so we have day sails, cruises, picnics, raft-ups and holiday Meetups! Our Crew help Skippers handle their boats. Members take turns going out, confirm attendance, share refreshments, spoil the Skippers and provide feedback.

Unlike any other Meetup I know, members are ranked based on their licenses, boat access and formal training:

Captain - Formal certification, LICENSE, training or Navy, Merchant Marine or Coast Guard experience.

Skippers – Do you have your OWN or have ACCESS to a boat? Then you are a Skipper.

Add your boat to Our Boats page. Indicate parking, food and restroom options (ice chest, head). Add food and beverages that you hate and love, so we can take care of you! Note your special rules too. Donate an outing to charity (http://www.meetup.com/Tampa-Bay-Sailing/pages/Hosting_a_Charitable_Fundraising_Event/) or host a Sailing Lesson (http://www.meetup.com/Tampa-Bay-Sailing/pages/Host_a_Sailing_Lesson/). The Organizer must have your personal information before you take people out on your boat. This is kept confidential.

Skippers can NOT require or accept payment, but guests contribute to charitable fundraising events and Sailing Lessons. They can help sail, clean-up, food and beverages. These dang boats are expensive, but we all love to get out on the water.

Mates - are nominated by one Skipper and seconded by another, who in the Skippers’ opinions and experience are qualified and experienced enough to handle their boats in the Skippers’ absence or incapacity.

Crew – please indicate any relevant boating, sailing or other TRAINING or CERTIFICATIONS. Took a USCG course? EMT or ANY medical training? SCUBA? Were you in Navy? Please let us know. See our Useful Links (http://www.meetup.com/St-Pete-Sailing/pages/Useful_Links/) page for weather, radar and tides.

If you don’t have boat or experience, that’s OK. Some sailors crew on a boat, but some people just like to get out on the water.

Spoil the Skippers. Half day sails are typically $40 to 75 dollars! So budget about $25 to 35 bucks in delicious treats to share with everybody. See Suggestions for Sharing (http://www.meetup.com/Tampa-Bay-Sailing/pages/Suggestions_for_Sailing_Treats/).

Newbies - If you joined recently and have not been out sailing with our group yet, please sign up for events even if it means you are on the waiting list. See our Things New Sailors Should Know page.

Boats - We need Skippers to share their ride. With new people joining all the time and some people, like me, who would sail every week if they could, we need more outings. If you know anybody with a sailboat, please tell them about us. If you know of a charter boat that would like to sell out (and give us a discount), feel free to post the event or to tell me.

Raft-ups/beachings - If you know of a club having an open on-the-water or key get-together, please let us know. This Meetup site can organize a dozen boats, Meetup locations and car-pools; all for one event!

Skipper Rules - When we go out, remember the Skipper is King on the boat. Please respect their authority. Things go smoothly and everybody has fun.

Read Membership Rules

As a member of this group, you MUST read and follow the rules posted on the Membership Rule (http://www.meetup.com/St-Pete-Sailing/pages/Membership_Rules/) page. For some lecture meetings, there is a $5 fee per person.

Please add pictures to this Meet up and the http://www.facebook.com/pages/Sail-Florida-the-Keys-and-the-Caribbean/150658931612982 page. See Posting Pics (http://www.meetup.com/St-Pete-Sailing/pages/Posting_Pics/) page

Membership in this group accepts our Disclaimer of Liability (see page).

Thank you for joining! It is your active participation that makes this Meetup great.

Capt. Brian


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