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I have engaged in this work for a few years or more now with ETLetsTalk.com & other people & groups in the US & began a CE-5 meditation meet up for contactees and experiencers and others who want to learn the CE-5 Protocols and engage in peaceful Human Initiated Extraterrestrial (or as I prefer, "celestial being") contact. "Field work" is done nights, once a month at my ranch in Dade City, FL 30 mins N of Tampa. We begin w/ potluck dinner & orientation at 7PM, meditation @ 8:30 and sky watch until 2AM. New members pls contact me for Protocols beforehand and do not be late.

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Skylight Films Documentary weekend.

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Skylight films. Same as our prior regular open monthly meet-up. Only prior attendees may come. That is the only restriction on this meet up. The film crew is staying over so bed space will be limited, though tent space is not. Those who contact me [masked] and who want to contribute their contact history before hand, please contact me to schedule the filming of your contribution to this CE-5 documentary. I am presuming individual histories will be filmed beginning at noon and end just before dinner.

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This meetup has been changed to February 2, 2019

Needs a location

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