What we're about

This group is for you if: You're a Christian Business Owner or CEO and want to add six-figures to your bottom line this year.

-You want to GROW your business without "stealing" TIME from God, your spouse, or kids.

-You're killing it in your business but when you get home, you're miserable.

-You feel stuck, plateaued, or overwhelmed in your business, and are finally ready to admit you need help.

-You desire growth in your business AND personal life.

-You don't mind change, you're "coachable", and you're a life-long learner.

-You want to have a powerful and profound SHIFT in how you show up in your business and relationships.

-You realize success is not a solo sport, and even if you wanted to, you KNOW you can't do it alone.

-You want to align with God's plan for your life (and make $$$ while doing it).

-You feel like you were created for SO MUCH MORE and you're DONE giving away your product or service for FREE.

-You're ready to create a big extraordinary life where you go after what you want and stop procrastinating on your dreams...

-You're MORE than willing to commit your time, energy, and money to fulfill your purpose.

Sound like you? If you're nodding at your screen, then get your butt in here.

But hey, it's probably not for you if:

-You're all about the money and care little about contributing to people's lives (money and success are great but without having a deeper purpose that drives you, you'll burn out).

-You're full of reasons and excuses why now's not the "right time" for you to get started, or invest in your business and personal growth.

-You're not willing to do the inner work it takes to show up powerfully in your business and personal life.

-You don't love lifting and encouraging others (this Meetup is gonna be full of business owners cheering you on, if you can't do the same, it's not a good fit)

-You hate to hear people mention God (sorry, I won't hold back especially when I'm hanging with a bunch of kickass Christian Business Owners & CEOs)

-You're still making excuses like I don't have the time, the money, or the fancy-schmancy degree. Yup, and that's why you're still where you are.

Glad we got that cleared up. So you in?

Hope so, monthly meetups start this March :) and they're FREE.

I have a feeling you're gonna change so many lives and get more clients than you can handle in no time.

Here's a bit more about me if you're curious...

My name is Joseph Warren and I host two podcasts: Your FIRST $100K, the #1 Podcast on iTunes for FIRST 6-Figure Entrepreneurs... and.... Broken Catholic, the #1 Podcast on iTunes for Protestants AND Catholics!

Also, I'm Spiritual Coach to Christian Business Owners and CEOs who are married with children ----- I help them grow their business without "stealing" TIME from God, their spouse, or kids.

I started my first multi-million dollar business at age 19 and spent years trying to find happiness through money, success, and pleasure. I made millions --- but then I partied it all away and considered taking my own life.

I now speak on faith-based stages sharing my unique experiences in the business world and how the pursuit of society's definition of success and happiness led to a moment of surrender and conversion in my life. The secret behind my spiritual coaching is a powerful growth principle I call The Surrender Principle™, which accelerates the growth process by constantly letting go of self-doubt, anxiety and worry so that your growth never plateaus and you never backslide.

Lastly, I co-founded the Society of St. Joseph in Tampa, for Christian husbands and fathers seeking spiritual growth. My beautiful Bride and I reside in South Tampa, Florida. We're expecting our first child in March. You can connect with me at https://www.josephwarren.net

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FREE First $100K Meetup: Become a 6-Figure Spiritual Entrepreneur

In this free workshop, we're gonna get crystal clear on what needs to happen for you to become a six-figure business owner in the fastest and easiest way possible. Christian-identifying entrepreneurs only :) Location TBA!

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