• How To Add 6 Figures To Your Income By Using Public Speaking

    Tampa Innovation Partnership

    Have you ever wanted to start a successful business? Do you want to deliver a powerful message that moves your audience? Do you want a step by step system to find speaking opportunities fast? Come and join us on July 29th at 6 pm for: How To Add 6 Figures To Your Income By Using Public Speaking. In this talk you will discover: 1- How to build a profitable public speaking business fast 2- How to find amazing speaking opportunities and grow your network 3- How to speak confidently and make an impact By the end of this talk, you will be able to: 1- Create a message that resonates with people 2- Grow your network to create quality speaking opportunities 3- Discover how to launch your profitable public speaking business with massive success 4- Partner with other speakers to get on their stages in front of new potential customers. This training is based on modules of Speakers Marketing Mastery, one of the world’s most comprehensive trainings on how to become a world-class speaker and build a successful public speaking business. Our speaker for this event is Jackie Simmons, chapter leader of International Public Speakers Community of Tampa Bay. 6 - 6:30 pm Networking 6:30 - 7:30 pm Training 7:30 - 8 pm Wrap-up

  • How to promote your business even if you lack confidence or are overwhelmed

    Virtual - Join this FREE web summit and grab all the tips, techniques, and trends that will pull you forward fast! There are a total of 30 experts on this summit so what you need is definitely in the room! Register now at: bit.ly/erfsummitjackie

  • 3rd Social WOW Factor Land Conference 2019

    Residence Inn by Marriott Tampa Suncoast Parkway at NorthPointe Village

    We have landed an epic deal for you folks. Thanks to a last minute conversation I had with a new friend, I present to you the 3rd Annual Social WOW Factor Land Conference. Come out for a fantastic smoking deal. Tickets for this event normally go for $997 and that is the real price, not some internet you'll pay such and such. However, after speaking to Orly Amor, the organizer, I got you all tickets for $497 and you get to bring a friend for free. Get your ticket here - https://quickclick.com/r/e5zlo It’s one of the most dynamic, powerful events for Personal Growth Enthusiasts, Business Owners, and Professionals who are committed to making a positive impact in the world, create unprecedented profits, and a life of Abundance. Orly is driven to “Positively Impact the Lives of 200 Million People by 2025” and to be part of that, come to the 3rd Social WOW Factor Land Conference 2019 @ The Residence Inn Tampa Suncoast Parkway, 2101 Northpointe Village, Lutz, FL. Join Top Leaders, Experts & Executives: • Bert Oliva - International Leadership Expert • Berny Dohrmann – Founder of CEO Space • Bill Walsh – The Small Business Expert • Dr. Karen Perkins - Guiding Successful Business People to Legacy Status • Dr. Aaron Hawkins – Psychiatrist, Speaker, Consultant • Orly Amor - International Speaker, Business Coach for Public Speakers, Networking Expert, Author. • Chris Salem – The Change Agent – Free yourself from emotional, financial and physical Pain. • Patricia Rogers – International Speaker, Best Selling Author, Business Development Strategist • Nancy Matthews – The One Philosophy – Founder of the Women’s Prosperity Network • Jill Lubin – Get Paid for your Book before getting Published • Albert Corey – The Tax Man $497 & Bring a Friend for FREE Register Here - https://quickclick.com/r/e5zlo This Event Will Be Sold Out So Don’t Delay Book Today! Here is what makes The Social WOW Factor Conference so different from any event you have ever attended • How to get paid doing what you love and making a positive impact in the world • Meeting like-minded people who walk their talk • Making Business Simple • Experience the energy of connecting like a Millionaire • Learn how to close the deal 98% of the time • How to get paid well to speak • Build strong, trusting relationships • Understand how your language impacts what you attract What is needed now is for dynamic, empowered Business Owners, and Professionals like you to act in step with their visions. And to fund their desire for change with real profits from their own successful, thriving businesses. Register Here - https://quickclick.com/r/e5zlo

  • Handle Your Health: The Entrepreneurs Road to High Performance

    Do you sometimes get to the end of the week and you can barely recover before you have to do it all over again? Is your work environment set up for optimizing your success? Do you want some simple, easy to implement systems you can start using literally today to increase your health and performance? Come join us Wednesday, December 19 at 1pm PST and learn from our expert panel of Arrow Gonsalves, Dr. Jim Otis, and Judy Rae on Handle Your Health: The Entrepreneurs Road to High Performance. Register Here >>> https://cf.entrepreneursinternationalnetwork.com/weekly-business-class-registrationczdx7zl6 During this webinar you will: - learn from the top health experts in the brain, body, ergonomics fields - be able to ask specific questions for your situation - get insider knowledge from entrepreneurs that are at the cutting edge of actionable knowledge - and more Arrow Gonsalves is a Master Trainer, Master Healer, Motivational Speaker, International Bestselling Author and TEDX Audience Energizer. She specializes in training high performers to release stress and cut through overwhelm to be healthy, centered and charismatic. Through her brain and body training systems She'll guide you to nourish your core and brighten your mind to function at peak performance. Instructing the Tao Healing Arts since 2003; she leads regularly scheduled Shin-sun-do classes, a 9700 year old personal cultivation practice of yoga, qigong and energy meditation. These classes are supported by her signature program Human Energetics, Retreats, Workshop Facilitation, Leadership Training and Traditional Healer Training. Dr. Jim Otis is the creator of BrainTime which was initially developed to help patients with brain-related conditions but later on found that BrainTime helped in a more general way to improve sleep, build resilience to stress, and spur happiness and productivity. Jim is a Board-Certified Functional Neurologist in practice since 1984 in Oakland, California, offering drug-free treatment for a wide variety of neurological problems. He provides continuing education in the field of functional neurology for medical doctors, nurses, occupational therapists, psychotherapists, and chiropractors, and has made frequent radio and television appearances. Judy Rae Lawyer is the creator of Bodies in the Workspace and is a Certified Ergonomic Evaluation Specialist, which really means that she helps your body stay comfortable while you work. Most people that work in an office or even the digital nomads in coffee shops don't realize the source of their back, neck and wrist pain and continue to suffer through it. When people are pain-free, they work at their best. When you're comfortable you can be focused and clear, and when you're focused and clear you work better. That allows you to maximize your productivity and profits. Judy has been working in the field of Office Ergonomics since 2011 and helps office professional and entrepreneurs customize their workspace into a setup that simply works. Register Here >>> https://cf.entrepreneursinternationalnetwork.com/weekly-business-class-registrationczdx7zl6 At the end of this webinar you will: - Have a clear understanding of how your work environment affects your productivity - How your brain can function better in just minutes a day with simple technology - Know why as an entrepreneur, you health is your number one asset This will be a lively discussion and each of the speakers will have ample opportunity to get across to you the number one thing you can do to make a significant increase in your own health and performance. Register Here >>> https://cf.entrepreneursinternationalnetwork.com/weekly-business-class-registrationczdx7zl6

  • How-To Breakthrough Your Financial Ceiling By Retuning Your Brain Waves

    Do you feel like something is holding you back from success? Have you invested in yourself but still stuck at square 1? Do you want to have regular victories in your business? Come join us on Wednesday Dec 12 and learn from Daryl Hill, former Major in the Marines, and founder of Alcechmy Enterprises on How-To Breakthrough Your Financial Ceiling By Retuning Your Brain Waves. Register Here >>> https://cf.entrepreneursinternationalnetwork.com/weekly-business-class-registrationczdx7zl6 On this webinar you will discover: - How to identify what has been self-sabotaging your freedom you can’t even see leaving you more frustrated and pissed off - How to change the tune in your mind to unlock the hidden gold between your ears to turn your dreams into reality in mere minutes - How to let go of what’s not useful anymore that have been robbing you blindly without even dealing with it again Register Here >>> https://cf.entrepreneursinternationalnetwork.com/weekly-business-class-registrationczdx7zl6 Daryl Hill is the CEO of Alchemy Enterprises and creator of Magnet Meditations, which has allowed his clients to breakthrough the $100K to $500K Per Year Income levels, simply by retuning their brain waves taking their businesses from 6 to 7-Figures. No Brain Retuning does not involve any weird science experiments or risky surgery it takes about an hour. He’s a graduate from the US Naval Academy where he played football starting at Middle Linebacker for three years and upon graduation served as an Infantry Officer in the US Marines for 13 Years. At the end of this webinar you will walk away with: - The secret my clients have used to increase their incomes from 6 to 7-Figures by simply Retuning their Brain Waves - The reason your mind has been holding you back from success and the exact steps to retune your mind to instantly change it - A gift to help you skyrocket your success Register Here >>> https://cf.entrepreneursinternationalnetwork.com/weekly-business-class-registrationczdx7zl6

  • Master The Inner Game Of Business - The REAL Science Behind Personal Development

    You know that your mindset is 80% of success but you don't know how to permanently eliminate the limiting beliefs that are holding you back. You keep chasing strategy after strategy in the marketplace but aren't getting the results you want (and deep down inside you know the problem is YOU.) You're business has become one of the greatest sources of stress in your life and you're ready to finally establish the confidence, certainty and clarity you need to perform at your next level... Register Here >>> https://cf.entrepreneursinternationalnetwork.com/weekly-business-class-registrationczdx7zl6 Join us this coming Wednesday at 1pm PST / 4pm EST and learn from David Bayer, author of Mind Hack (over 100,000 downloads), Creator of The Powerful Living Experience Live (Named "A Top 3 Must Attend Personal Development Event For Entrepreneurs")on mastering the Inner Game of Business During this webinar you will discover: 1 - The results that you are producing in your business are dependent on one thing and one thing only, your mindset 2 - that personal development is a failed model and there is a new technology that the most successful entrepreneurs are using to become unstoppable 3 - Most entrepreneurs think they already know at mindset is, and they don't (which is why most entrepreneurs are stuck) Register Here >>> https://cf.entrepreneursinternationalnetwork.com/weekly-business-class-registrationczdx7zl6 David Bayer is the leading expert on the origin and evolution of intelligence. David is an author, speaker, entrepreneur and CEO of David Bayer Transformational Programs, a global coaching and training company helping entrepreneurs, organizations and individuals harness the maximum power of human performance, intelligence and potential. David has been recognized as a leading expert on mindset and business and his event The Powerful Living Experience was named by Inc. as ‘a Top 3 must attend personal development events for entrepreneurs.’ David’s book Mind Hack has had over 100,000 downloads and provides a practical step-by-step framework for evolving into the next level of human potential and what David calls “becoming a Phenomenon.” Register Here >>> https://cf.entrepreneursinternationalnetwork.com/weekly-business-class-registrationczdx7zl6

  • How to Use Your “Natural Design” to Create More Success in Your Business

    Are you stressed out and working way too hard to grow your business but don’t know another way? Have you felt lately… “With the amount I’m working, I should be making more money” Do you wish there was an easier way to grow your business? Come join us on Wednesday November 21 at 1pm PST / 4pm EST and learn from Fia-Lynn Crandal, the creator of “Natural Design” and the “Naturally Thriving Framework” on How to Use Your “Natural Design” to Create More Business Success Register Here >>> https://cf.entrepreneursinternationalnetwork.com/weekly-business-class-registrationczdx7zl6 During this webinar you will discover: - What “Natural Design” Is and Why It’s The Key To A Simpler & More Fulfilling Business - The "Naturally Thriving Framework” That Transforms Your Business From Exhausting and Hard Into One That Honours You & Inspires You Forward - How To Naturally Catapult Your Sales and Increase Your Impact While Working Less - Have the Chance to Be On The “Natural Design Hot Seat” To Receive Live Personalized Insights From Fia-Lynn Who Has Analyzed Thousands of People Over 20 Years For Their Unique Gifts Fia-Lynn is the creator of “Natural Design” and the “Naturally Thriving Framework”. She is dedicated to empowering entrepreneurs who are called to make a big impact in the world without sacrificing their happiness and well being. Using the Naturally Thriving Framework herself, she transformed her business of 14 years into a new business that in its first year exceeded her past best sales year prior and more than doubled the profits. She did this in a way that felt like breathing, was more impactful, and by working less than ever before. As an ex-Mechanical Engineer she has walked the journey from compromising who she was in an “acceptable” career to creating a thriving purpose based business. She lives in the Canadian Rockies surrounded by the beauty of nature and is devoted to helping entrepreneurs thrive naturally by honouring their own true nature. Register Here >>> https://cf.entrepreneursinternationalnetwork.com/weekly-business-class-registrationczdx7zl6 At the end of this webinar you will know: - The Specific Quality You Can Tap Into to Reduce Stress and Feel More Alive and Energized During Your Work Day. - Your Natural Sales Superpower That You’ll Want to Bring With You Into Any Sales Presentation or Conversation. - Specific Simple Actions to Take Right Away That Will Shift You Away From Struggle and Into Greater Ease In Your Business. - Clarity Around How To Get More Time Back For The Things That Matter Most To You Register Here >>> https://cf.entrepreneursinternationalnetwork.com/weekly-business-class-registrationczdx7zl6

  • How Professionals Around the World Generate a Weekly Flow of New Client Leads

    Are you sick and tired of all the hype and BS merchants and are you looking for a non-sales-pitch way to generate and convert leads? Do you want to avoid having to set up complicated online funnels, expensive advertising and pain-in-the-butt social media marketing? Would you like simply to just show up to meetings with interested prospects and have other people get your audiences for you? Register Here >>> https://cf.entrepreneursinternationalnetwork.com/weekly-business-class-registrationczdx7zl6 Come join us next week at 4pm and learn from Tom Poland, multiple best-selling author of the Leadsology series with high end clients all around the world including London, Madrid, Berlin, New York and Sydney on “How Professionals Around the World Generate a Weekly Flow of New Client Leads” During this webinar you will discover: 1. The Four Immutable Essentials for effectively and efficiently marketing the invisible 2. How to outsource but stay in control of high quality lead flow 3. The #1 all time more effective way to generate leads (and you don't have to leave home to do it) Register Here >>> https://cf.entrepreneursinternationalnetwork.com/weekly-business-class-registrationczdx7zl6 Tom started his first business at age 24 and has gone on to start and sell four others, taking two of them international. In that time he’s managed teams of over 100 people and annual revenue of more than 20 million. He’s a multiple best selling author and he's shared international speaking platforms with the likes of Michael Gerber of E-Myth fame, Richard Koch from the 80-20 Principle, Brian Tracy and many others. By the end of this webinar you will have witnessed live our hybrid lead gen model and see how professionals around the globe are generating a weekly flow of high quality, inbound, new client inquiries Register Here >>> https://cf.entrepreneursinternationalnetwork.com/weekly-business-class-registrationczdx7zl6

  • Scale Your Business with Virtual Assistants with Nathan Hirsch

    Are you spending too much time inside your business? Are you doing projects you are not good at? Is your to do list always getting bigger? Then come and join us on Wednesday October 24 at 4:00pm EDT and learn from Nathan Hirsch - Founder of Freeeup, on Scaling Your Business with Virtual Assistants. Register here: https://cf.entrepreneursinternationalnetwork.com/weekly-buiness-class-registration During this webinar you’ll discover: - When is the right time to start hiring for your business? - How do you decide what to take off your plate first? - How do you find the right person for each task? - The most common mistakes to avoid - The 5 step hiring method - Knowing what tasks to outsource first - How to use different types of freelancers This is a must attend event for any person who wants to build a massively successful business. Register here: https://cf.entrepreneursinternationalnetwork.com/weekly-buiness-class-registration About the speaker: Nathan Hirsch is a serial entrepreneur and expert in remote hiring and eCommerce. He started his first eCommerce business out of his college dorm room and has sold over $30 million online. He is the co-founder and CEO of FreeeUp.com, a marketplace that connects businesses with pre-vetted freelancers in eCommerce, digital marketing, and much more. He regularly appears on leading podcasts, such as Entrepreneur on Fire, and speaks at live events about online hiring tactics. Register here: https://cf.entrepreneursinternationalnetwork.com/weekly-buiness-class-registration

  • How to Build an Irresistible In-Demand Program in 30 Days or Less͟

    Did you ever wonder Who is Your Best Target Market͟ to focus on? Did you ever want to put together an Irresistible In-Demand Program for your potential clients? Did you ever want to have a simple, profitable and duplicable system that brings actual paying clients to your business on a regular basis? Register Here >>> https://cf.entrepreneursinternationalnetwork.com/weekly-business-class-registrationczdx7zl6 Then come and join us on Oct 10 at 4pm and learn from Brady Patterson, Amazon best-selling author, coach, and organizer or Entrepreneurs International Network on How to Build an Irresistible In-Demand Program in 30 Days or Less͟. In this presentation you’ll discover: 1 - How to choose your perfect niche market 2 - How to put together packages that are in-demand in your target market 3 - Iman’s 8 Golden Questions that allow you to build an irresistible offer and actually sell it to your clients in just a few short weeks! 4 - How one of Iman’s students built a business from scratch to have over 50 full time employees in only 6 months 5 - How another one of Iman’s students generated $27,000 from selling her Yoga training programs in only 8 weeks from scratch. This is a must attend event for any person who wants to build a massively successful business. About Brady: Brady Patterson is the COO of Success Road Academy, one of the largest information marketing academies in the world. Over the past few years the Success Road Academy team has coached over 3,000 entrepreneurs in different industries how to successfully create and launch their irresistible offers. Brady constantly appears on Podcasts, Radio shows like Voice America, webinars and more as part of the world’s top marketing and business authorities with Success Road Academy. This is a once in a life time opportunity to discover the secrets that can revolutionize your business. Register Here: https://cf.entrepreneursinternationalnetwork.com/weekly-business-class-registrationczdx7zl6