Free Meditation Workshop at Indian Rocks Beach Library


Please join us for a meditation workshop at Indian Rocks Beach Library. It's free and all welcome.

As the library closes at 5pm best to arrive a little before 5 so the door is still open. Typically we meet on the 1st and 3rd Tuesdays of the month.

At this session we will learn how to relax and center ourselves using the techniques of Sahaja Meditation. This meditation helps you to understand how to rebalance yourself and your life, using your own inner power to change. Sahaja Meditation helps us discover (or rediscover) the calmness and silence inside, and connect with the joy of life in the here and now. This, in turn, has a positive impact on our health, our relationships and everything else too. The technique is simple, natural and easy to learn.

What to expect?

Typically there is a short introduction or discussion on a topic relevant to the group; about what meditation is, how to achieve it and the imbalances that prevent us from feeling at peace.

Then we do a guided meditation session to help everyone experience the meditation (mental silence) and then sit quietly in meditation together for awhile. If you have tried to meditate using other methods you should find this much easier. Also if you really want to develop a meditation practice that gives tangible, obvious benefits this is the meditation for you.

No need to register, RSVP or bring any special clothes or tools, these sessions are open to the public. You can sit on a chair or the floor, whatever feels comfortable for you. This is an "inner yoga" we do through learning to relax our attention and connect with our deeper selves within.

For more info please see or or for research into the benefits of this technique. is our site to help you learn the basics. It also has music and guided meditations to help you meditate more easily, and links to sites in Spanish. Happy meditating!

Sahaja Meditation is always free, see you there!