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ArtCraft: Basic Color Theory (Essentials)


Join local artist Aris, of Arts & Company (, for arts and craft-based learning.

This class is an ESSENTIALS Course, looking at theory, practice and technique. This class is excellent for beginning artists, artists who would like to 'brush up', marketers, designers and more.

IN THIS SESSION: we'll explore the basics of color. With a heavy focus on theory, we'll look at how colors are made, how they interact and what they do to us and for us.

You'll learn and play with:

• technique

• color mixing

• theory

Members $10; non-members $20. Materials (if you don't already have them) are $10. The class will be confirmed Friday the week prior to the class. If there are fewer than three paid attendees, we'll cancel the class. Prepayment is required. Please follow the link to pay with Paypal. In the event a class is cancelled, we will refund all payments in full.

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