• Beyond Infrastructure: Kubernetes Development Workflows with Skaffold

    We're back at Nielsen auditorium for this meetup and will cover the following topics: 1- The genius of Kubernertes A look at the key ingredients that have made Kubernetes such a powerful and widely adopted tool. Understanding what has made Kubernetes so powerful will help you build your own cloud-native software to leverage Kubernetes. 2 - Development workflow with Skaffold With Skaffold, developers can iterate on application source code locally while having it continually updated and ready for validation or testing in their local or remote Kubernetes clusters.

  • Kubernetes makes on-prem servers exciting again!

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    Kubernetes makes on-prem servers exciting again: - Learn how to deploy an HA cluster using KubeAdm - Automation with Jenkins and Ansible Velero (formerly Ark) lets you: - Take backups of your cluster and restore in case of loss. - Copy cluster resources to other clusters. - Replicate your production environment for development and testing environments.

  • Got Containers, Got Microservices, Got Serverless... Got Eyes?

    Today's modern applications are ever in evolution. While new technologies promise new possibilities, it also comes with the challenges. How do you solve the riddle of maintaining the full observability of modern container-based applications? After this talk from Mr. Howard Yoo, you will be able to: * Understand the complexity of today's container-based applications * Identify some of the challenges in trying to observe everything * Discover the importance of metrics monitoring at scale * See the demo of three-dimensional monitoring (metrics, histogram, traces) in action.

  • Running Kafka on K8s and Monitoring with Prometheus

    We'll cover the following topics: - Prometheus Monitoring deep dive - Kafka & K8s in production Note: Please bring your Photo ID and get your badge at the security podium to access Kforce office.

  • Running Stateful Applications in Kubernetes (in Production)

    We are co-hosting this event with the Tampa Bay DevOps group. https://www.meetup.com/TBDevOps/events/vtxwqqyzfbxb/ Containers aren't just for stateless apps. You have mission-critical stateful applications like Postgres, MySQL, Kafka, or Cassandra databases that you want to run in containers. In our presentation, we cover use cases and best practices for delivering stateful applications at scale. WHAT YOU WILL LEARN: • Do's and don'ts of running stateful applications on Kubernetes • Best practices for delivering stateful applications at scale Our speaker is from Portworx (https://portworx.com/)

  • Inaugural Tampa Bay Kubernetes Meetup

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    We're excited to invite you to the inaugural Tampa Bay Kubernetes Meetup at the Nielsen GTIC cafeteria in Oldsmar on Wed Jan 23rd, 2019. We'll be kicking off our group with guest speakers from: Heptio - to discuss Kubernetes Operator and Custom Resource Descriptor (CRD) NetApp - to present on persistent storage options And Nielsen will share experiences with bootstrapping clusters on-prem and in the public clouds. We'll also be looking forward to hearing from you all,the community, to better chart our way forward. See you there!