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## Income Producing Properties

Passive investing with an experienced PM team. ​You will get a detailed monthly report with a possible monthly deposit into your bank account. EASY!

​What you will learn about in 45 minutes or less: Networking after.

  • Multifamily, SFR AirBnB's, Senior Living, Student Housing
  • You own it 100%
  • You earn the Equity
  • Sell it whenever you want to
  • Buy and hold or flip

Welcome to our Multifamily Investment Connection!
I met Matthew McClellan in 2016 and we have worked together since. We have worked together to help teach, coach and expand individual’s real estate knowledge and portfolios. Matthew doesn’t just teach; he also invests personally as well currently owning many units himself...
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We are investors helping investors, nationwide.
Many of the investment groups we have attended either are free with no value, or are costly with little access. We will build together a group with value, with speakers that have built success in their own lives, to help each other prepare for the future. visit MultifamilyInvestmentConnection.com
We are investors helping investors, nationwide.
Now we are bringing this tremendous resource to the Tampa area!
Come and enjoy a short workshop followed by networking with other investors and drinks. visit MultifamilyInvestmentConnection.com

Our combined groups total 4807 + Members, because we add value at each Meetup! We are now here in the Clearwater Florida area to help you!

Have you ever considered getting involved in small to large, Passive Multifamily Real Estate Investing? All the big players know the power of simple strategies and leveraging other peoples knowledge and resources. If you have been interested and/or involved in small to large Passive Multifamily Real Estate Investing Strategies, then this is the group for you! You will not only learn solid REI investment strategies, but you will also have access to resources for discovering OFF MARKET DEALS and learning how to get to it first!
We have many off market deals available in FL, NC, CO, AZ, NV, ID, UT, and other rapidly growing markets, nationwide. We can also provide the property mangament in our preferred cities, making the investment 99% passive for you!

Yes, You own 100% of the apartment property. Most of our investors start with a 4 unit/door apartment complex and then purchase more doors according to their own financial abilities.
We show you how to use your resources to gain a solid "PASSIVE" return year after year. No more headaches of "DYI" Real Estate. Come enjoy a free and relaxed environment with No heavy sales pitches allowed here.
We have a passion for small to large scale real estate deals in the multifamily apartment, commercial and residential space. We believe that what we do helps impact communities nationally in a positive way. Our reach is extensive and we have a solid track record of quality investments and strong long-lasting relationships. If you have the desire to meet like minded, action based co-investors then this is the group for you. Again, our space is small to large scale income producing real estate on a national level. We educate our co-investors on the current market status and help answer the the tough questions and provide ideas for solutions. Come check it out for yourself. We look forward to meeting with you and sharing our knowledge!
"Hey! My name is Michael H.- I’ve been around real estate my entire professional career. I currently run our investment brokerage in Denver, Colorado Springs, Phoenix Arizona, Salt Lake City and Boise as well. On top of a few others! We have many small clients and a few big ones like Zillow (yes, that Zillow. We do all their buying and selling for their own portfolio in CO+). I’m an avid investor myself and enjoy coaching and teaching real estate fundamentals more than anything else! Over the years I have helped build 4 successful Meet up Groups in the fast-paced Colorado market.
I met Matthew McClellan in 2016 and we have worked together since. We have worked together to help teach, coach and expand individual’s real estate knowledge and portfolios. Matthew doesn’t just teach; he also invests personally as well currently owning many units himself. Matthew has a specific understanding of multi-family real estate investing and overall guerrilla marketing tactics. He is a living example of what a good team brings to real world scenarios, for the benefit of others.
He is also able to navigate public speaking events and does very well as a speaker with educating other investors on the topic of multi-family real estate investments.
Matthew has a proven ability to create new client data sources, as well as educate and speak to the clients that are interested in real estate investing, specifically income producing multi-family apartment investing. His experience and education bring a powerful resource for creative ways to help others develop a successful real estate investment portfolio.
Matthew has done analysis for us on many different properties and has helped us walk through many successful transactions over the years, upwards of $100 million in RE deals in the last few years.
He is familiar with how to work with a team and how to organize and coordinate the efforts of many talented people to educate and launch a passive real estate investment portfolio or continue to build momentum with an existing REI Portfolio. His talents revolve very heavily around positive strategies to create wealth through real estate as a vehicle.
Matthew and I have developed a quality relationship geared around successful business conversation and mutual benefit. He will continue to build networks in many different markets with me over the years and we will continue to share our successes and creativity with others.
I would recommend working with Matthew any day!
- Mike H."

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