What we're about

We are a group of small business owners, sales professionals, marketers (both online and traditional), investors, accountants, managers and leadership professionals who believe in three things:

1) That sharing knowledge accelerates everyone's success.

2) Providing answers and practical solutions you can immediately put in place in your own business or career.

3) Creating a collaborative and open problem-solving atmosphere.

The actual meetings consist of:

A short instructional talk on a relevant topic to any business
A roundtable question and answer session (Mastermind) where you are able to help others solve their problems, and have the group examine and look at your own issues you are having in your business.
A meet and greet session afterward for more in-depth discussions.
These meetings are packed so much value there's no way you'd be able to implement everything you learn before next month's meeting. Every meeting there are a-ha! moments, eyes wide with possibilities that before attending this event were either not thought of or had been previously discarded.

We also routinely have success stories from previous meetings, where someone took a marketing or sales id, implemented, and had closed more sales than they thought possible.

Be sure to sign up and attend this high value and low fluff meeting. There's no sales pitches, no huff and puff, just concrete and actionable ideas you can implement TODAY.

Past events (1)

South Tampa small business roundtable

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