• Early Voting Oct 19 thru Nov 1

    Online event

    Early voting in FL is Oct. 19 thru Nov. 1 from 7am to 7pm. Please get out and vote. Send in your mail ballot ASAP if you've not yet done so or Vote in person during early voting or Nov. 3rd Election day. Check the county's Supervisor of Elections website for Mail Ballot Drop Off locations if you prefer to drop your Mail Ballot off rather than mail it. We encourage you to Vote NOW and then help get 5 to 10 like-minded voters to vote too! This election is critical. It may determine whether our Founding Principles, Liberties and Freedoms will continue for our children, grandchildren and future generations. Help save our Republic. Defeat Democrats who only want raw power to force failed Socialist policies on us. Defeat the Democrats DNC media propaganda machine who filter information, create false narratives and flat out lie. Defeat the Democrats Tech Oligarchy who censor us. GOTV and please ensure your like-minded family members, neighbors and friends GOTV too. Let's win HUUGGGEEEE and Let's Win BIGLY! THANK YOU!