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Do you have something to say but you're not quite sure how to say it? Do you have observations, judgements and conclusions you've reached about one thing or another, but yet have no real "story"? A writer friend had a collection of stones that fascinated her, assembled from her travels. She also had collection of people in her life that she called "emotional stones". She wrote about the two collections in a collage essay and won a contest. Truman Capote, in his book, In Cold Blood, wrote about a true crime, but rather than a dry, factual read, his book gallops like a novel.
This is creative non-fiction. Topics can be virtually anything, from stone collections to true crime--although creative non-fiction is not the genre of memoir. Creative non-fiction has its own place, and many writers feel that by writing it, they can at last say what they have been wanting to say.
In this focus group, we'll read and study creative non-fiction, as well as write and share our own work.

Initial visit is open to the public - thereafter you must be a dues- paying member of Tampa Writers Alliance to continue participation.


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