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It's 2017, it's time to add some adventure to your life!

Welcome to the Tampa Adventure Group (T.A.G)!

T.A.G's Vision - Living life to the fullest, making friends, positive memories lasting forever through adventure related events.

T.A.G is more than just a social group or Extreme Adventure Club, we give all members the ability to participate in adventure related activities that the local area has to offer, at a group rate or free.

You wont find TAG offering overly priced international trips with extreme itineraries that very few can accomplish or are trained for. We don't schedule boot camps or workout programs and we are not a singles group!

We provide fun, adventure, related events to everyone of all ages, fitness levels, skill levels. You don't have to be a triathlete to join a T.A.G. event.

We continue to bring adventure seekers together during events, experience new adventures then depart as friends with positive memories lasting a lifetime!

Why is T.A.G. Florida's Largest Outdoor Adventure Club?

- We don't repeat the same event every week, its always something new and exciting each month.

- Real adventure! Forget about boring non-adventure "social events" and "singles or dating events".

- You the member, are always the most important part of the group and event!

- Professionalism, safety, security, reliability are all part of our values!

- We give everyone the chance to participate regardless of fitness level, age, wealth, status, or experience!

- Everything is simple, we don't require you fill out complicated forms, no long list of rules to memorize, and pictures are optional!

Event Facilitators/Guides

- Mature and widely experienced in all aspects of outdoor adventures

- Medically trained professional that can help if it was ever needed

- Love what they do and it shows during each event.

Adventures include

Rock climbing, mountain biking, camping, hiking, kayaking, sailing, skydiving, scuba diving, spelunking, paint ball, sport shooting, go-cart racing, fishing, martial arts, boating, picnics, wine tasting, Costa Rica Expeditions, Peru & Machu Picchu Expeditions, snow skiing, snow boarding, white water rafting, snorkeling, aquariums, zip lining, backpacking, urban races, laser tag, volleyball, picnics, international travel, and much more...

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Toll Free: 1-855-8000-TAG(824)


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Welcome to Adventure for Life......Welcome to T.A.G.!

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