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Cultivating Joy; Hypnosis and Life Mastery with Guest Speaker, Julianne Rose
Kids have a seemingly endless capacity for joy. When did we lose that sense of wonder & play? As adults, the to-do lists get longer and the pressures to be “responsible” and “productive” makes pleasure a lower priority. Just because our bodies age and life becomes more serious, it doesn’t mean we can’t experience life’s simple joys in wide-eyed amazement. We can bring that inner-child to life at any moment. In this session, we’ll discuss what keeps us resistant to joy and explore techniques to shift our state and keep us young and silly at heart. Bio: Julianne Rose is a yoga instructor, hypnosis enthusiast, and lifelong anxiety slayer from St. Pete, FL. In 2016, after a bout of crippling food-related anxiety, Julianne discovered the remarkable power of self-hypnosis. Realizing the command our minds have over our reality, she became an avid practitioner of hypnosis and mindfulness, testing different techniques to reprogram thought patterns and create more peace in her overactive mind. In 2018, Julianne became a certified yoga instructor to blend her beloved physical + emotional practices together. Julianne is passionate about sharing practical, accessible tools that help people detach from outdated stories, be kinder to themselves, and ultimately become their own best teacher.

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