The Goddess Salon

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The Feminine as “SuperPower”.

Many Goddesses have turned down their Feminine Superpowers, and engaged their more masculine selves to “fit in” or “succeed” in a world that values masculine energy/outcomes. Some have even internalized a concept of the feminine as “weak”, “trivial” or “objectionable”. Our discussion this evening is intended to help reframe these deeply held beliefs about the dance between the masculine and feminine. We will practice learning to dance well with both aspects of the self, and why your very life ( and the life of our planet) may depend on it!

Goddess: a female god or deity;

a woman of extraordinary beauty and charm;

a greatly admired or adored woman

Salon: A salon is a gathering of people under the roof of an inspiring host, held partly to amuse one another and partly to refine the taste and increase the knowledge of the participants through conversation.

Group description:

An experimental, and experiential, group of smart, bold contemporary women coming together monthly to explore and stretch the roles and definitions of what it means to be an “empowered” woman in a post-feminist 21st Century. While our mothers fought to be equal, their power was defined through the lenses, rules and structures of a male dominated culture. It is the mission and intention of this group to expand those definitions; to stretch our minds, hearts and spirits by delving deep into new paradigms of female empowerment in our modern world through a sharing and celebration of our collective wisdom, experience, and knowledge base-as women. Topics will change monthly but you can realistically expect that we will always be headed into the wild and unchartered territories of our feminine identity through completely safe, candid conversation, lots of laughter, and genuine support.