Weight Management and Hypnosis: How to Get Off the Roller Coaster

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You already know the basic recipe for weight loss: less calories and more exercise so, why are you still struggling with your weight?

The trick to lasting weight management is to “think” like a person with a healthy weight and that means changing the way you think about food, about exercise, about health and about yourself! When you change how you feel about these things, a healthy weight and body, for life, are the natural result.

Now that may sound like a lot more work than another radical diet, a uncertain pill or invasive surgery, but it does not have to be.

Hypnosis is a tool for making EXACTLY these kind of changes in our habits of thinking, feeling and behaving, quickly and automatically. And yes, it can help you to lose weight and maintain that weight for life.

This presentation offers a basic introduction to hypnosis and its use in weight management. Participants will be offered instruction and opportunities to practice basic self-hypnosis skills for weight management that can be immediately implemented. The class includes a group guided meditation, a recorded copy of which is available to participants for reinforcement.